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Vietnam Memorial Research Paper At the Essay

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Vietnam Memorial Essay, Research Paper

At the age of 20 one, a female undergraduate at Yale University

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Vietnam Memorial Research Paper At the
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named Maya Lin submitted her design for the Vietnam Memorial. Her thought

for the commemoration was highly alone and controversial. After long

treatments by a panel, it was chosen for building. The design

that she submitted was one that was really different in comparing to

other commemorations, and it was 1 that has a inclination to go forth a batch of

inquiries on the heads of the visitants.

On the face of the commemoration

there is a list of all those who died or are losing in the order by

which they were lost. It could look to some one who did non

understand the incident that the memorial awards merely those lost, but

that is wrong. Maya Lin? s design formed into the most alone

memorial construction of its sort, which honors all who served in the

Vietnam War ( Colliers 23: 137 ) .

The official name given to the memorial was the Vietnam Veterans

commemoration. In this name entirely it is clear that it was non erected for

the exclusive intent of honouring merely those who were lost in the struggle.

The term KIA was the abbreviation used for those people who were

killed in action, and these people represent 47,000 of the 58,000

names on the wall. The other 11,000 were soldiers who died from

clangs, snake bites, unwellnesss, and other non-combat related deceases

( Olson 227 ) . There is no differentiation made between the two groups on

the memorial. The construction is a v-shaped polished granite slab that

unlike other memorials has no message of award or nationalism. All of

those topics are left to the ideas of the perceiver. Peoples frequently

happen therapy in turn uping the name of a comrade or a loved 1. The

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is by far the most emotional moving war

memorial in Washington, and that entirely makes it really alone ( Collier? s

138 ) .

In comparing with other memorials, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is

immensely different. A point of comparing could be the Marine Corps War

Memorial, otherwise known as the Iwo Jima memorial. This memorial is a

sculpture of three soldiers put on the lining their lives to maintain the American

flag winging. The construction has a deep sense of understood nationalism

and there is a great trade of award that is besides associated with it.

Unlike the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Iwo Jima memorial is a

testimonial merely to the Marines who served in World War Two. The Vietnam

Veterans Memorial has no such

message of award and bravery, but instead an ambiance that causes & lt ;

/p >

visitants to reflect on the struggle ( Colliers 138-139 ) .

The lone memorial that is similar the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is

the commemoration to Ulysses S. Grant. It is located at the pes of the

capital and has no clear cut significance. There is no political message

that can be taken off from Grant? s commemoration. It neither glorifies war

nor possesses an antiwar message, and there is no moral lesson that

can be taken off from this memorial ( Colliers 138 ) . One of the great

things about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is that it allows the

public to organize its ain sentiment of the struggle with out coercing a

political message. It is because of this ambiguity that the memorial

is so alone.

Unlike other memorials, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial can non be seen

from a distance. One must perpetrate to see it, and so walk down to it.

This is merely the antonym of other memorials such as the Lincoln

Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial which were created to demo the work forces

on a higher God-like platform. Besides, it is non at wholly uncommon to happen

work forces and adult females likewise crying at the base of the memorial ( Coal miners

138-139 ) Cynics could reason and state they morn merely for their loved

1s, and were non moved by the power of the memorial, but this is non

ever the instance. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is an experience that

affects 1000s of people day-to-day, and changes the lives of about as

many. This is a characteristic that no other war memorial in the

state seems to posses.

The first lettering on the wall reads? IN HONOR OF THE MEN AND




The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is besides alone in the sense that is

awards all who fought, as most memorials honor merely those who died.

& gt ; From this 1 could connote that the veterans were non sufficiently

honored by the people of America. ( Colliers 139-140 )

It is clear that the hard-on of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was a

fantastic add-on to the Washington Mall of memorials. There is some

dissension as to the exact significance of the memorial, but that is

because in was designed for that really purpose. Maya Lin was quoted to

state that she wanted a? quiet topographic point, meant for personal contemplation and

private calculation? ( Colliers 139 ) That was precisely what she gave to

the state in her alone reading of what the memorial should


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