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Is Walmart Good For America

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  • Pages 2
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    At a first glance of the world’s largest company, Wal-Mart, you’d think that its great success would benefit the United States. But is that what is really happening? Actually, it seams to be the complete opposite.

    Even though Wal-Mart does employ thousands of workers in their some 3400 stores across the Unites States, it creates more job losses and pay-cuts. Because of the job cuts and cheap imports, Wal-Mart is not good for America.One reason that Wal-Mart is not good for America is their way of getting those low prices. They have reversed the traditional auction process where the manufacturer controls the prices and the retailer must pay what is wanted from manufacturers.

    Wal-Mart has the manufacturers bid for the lowest price. This had creates a few problems. It makes those manufacturers, if they want to sell their products at a Wal-Mart store, sell their products for less and this means that wages for workers must be lowered.Another reason that Wal-Mart is not good for America is the number of jobs that are continuing to be lost to China.

    According to PBS Frontline, “over 1 million jobs have been lost to China.” Jobs such as steel workers to plastic workers, jobs that used to be easy to get in America are being lost to China. Just to companies like Wal-Mart are able to make a better profit on goods. And in some cases, Wal-Mart doesn’t even sell the cheapest products.

    According to John Lehman who worked for Wal-Mart for 17 years, says that most times they don’t even have the lowest prices. They use opening price point to lure customers and then the customer ends up buying a more expensive product.Numerous jobs in America have been lost to the growing corporation of Wal-Mart. Because they buy cheap imports, roughly $15 Billion worth, it hurts American blue-collar workers tremendously, proving that Wal-Mart is not good for America.

    They have too much power over smaller manufacturers, that they hurt America. That is why I believe that the corporation of Wal-Mart is not good for America.

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