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Watching Lord of The Flies

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  • Pages 2
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    After finally watching Lord of The Flies, I have decided that human beings will always form some sort of a political system. This is to provide us with regulation in our lives, which, I believe, we need in order to survive.

    In the movie, we see that rules and a code of behavior are desperately needed to keep a peaceful, happy and working living environment. Without these rules an anarchist society would rule and chaos would loom over our people. In our society we have an elected official who acts as a leader, demonstrating our fundamental beliefs and principles. Any nations chief person needs the qualities that can lead their society. They need to have significant power but too much power could be dangerous. This excessive power threw off the balance of the mini-society in the movie. Beliefs are also needed by any society. Without values and beliefs there is no order, no goals, and no standards for the society to reach. But beliefs only go so far and if your general population does not agree with the leader’s beliefs than many different things may happen. Like in “flies”, a separate colony was made when dramatically different beliefs were held. The goals of this particular society were to survive and be rescued. When the power struggle began was when Ralph was not made leader although he was older. Ralph was forced into his own group and held different views on such areas as food sources, leisure time, and leadership roles. The class structure for the society was that of age which is very similar to our present society, until a certain age.

    The only rules were to keep the fire going during the persons given turn on fire watch and don’t speak unless you’re holding the “conch”. The conch was also used in the decision making process in order for all the members to have their say.

    The resources allocated to this island society included the fruit they ate, the warthogs that were hunted, the swimming hole and the branches and leaves to make the huts which all came form the island. They also had the hunting knife and Piggy’s glasses, which were used to induce the fire.

    In conclusion, this society had every needed item in order to be a political system proving that humans will always create a political system of some type, no matter what.


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