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    They knew very well why he hadn’t: because Of the enormity Of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood (31). Analysis: Jack fears killing the pig in chapter 1 , a fear he overcomes as he sheds civilization and adopts the way of the savage. Chapters 2 and 3 the boys remember how they are savage beasts. Analysis: There are many references to beasts in the novel. The concept is introduced in chapter 2 by a little.

    No matter how much Ralph attempts to assuage their fears about the Beastie, the group of boys still fear it. Simon discovers later that they are the Beastie. Quote: Startled, Ralph realized that the boys were falling still and silent, feeling the beginnings of awe at the power set free below them. The knowledge and awe made him savage (44). Analysis: The fire that breaks loose on the mountain symbolizes the uncontrollable savagery that soon befalls the stranded boys. Just like the savage fire kills the boy with the birthmark, the boys’ savagery kills others.

    Chapter 4 Quote: He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was wallowing him up (51 Analysis: Jack’s transformation from civilized bully to savage killer has begun. He’s obsessed with hunting at the expense of all else, even rescue. Quote: The mask was a thing of its own, behind which Jack had liberated from shame and self-consciousness (64). Analysis: What small semblance of civility Jack had has been obliterated by his hunting mask. Quote: Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in (75). Analysis: The hunter’s rhythmic chant after the pig hunt is creepy and shows just how bad things are getting.

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