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Chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies

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The boys have stayed on this island for almost 3 months with no adults at all. Ralph was sitting on a burnt tree trunk thinking while the navy officer was waiting for the cruise ship to come close to the island. The rest were standing together half naked on the beach and in the sun. For a moment, Ralph felt the tears well up his eyes as a thought crossed his mind about the time he spent with the boys on the island.

0Whenever Ralph looked at Jack and the boys with painted faces and long hair, it reminded him of his loyal friend named Piggy who was killed many days ago.

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Chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies
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He couldn’t believe things would have gone this far and the boys have fallen within a few months, Ralph also blamed himself for not being a good chief and allow the boys to lose all reverence for the rules of a civilization and become savages. Right now, Ralph was crying out the pain within him when the navy officer came nearby him, gave him pat on the shoulder and said “Fear no more my son, we’re here now.

We shall have you cleaned up and get you some rest. Then once we’ve reached our destination in the Great Britain, we shall help you find your relatives and all of you can rejoin your families again. The littluns, who were sitting with Jack and Roger, came running to the British officer and hugged him joyfully, except the older kids.

The navy officer went to those kids and interviewed them: “What’s your name lad and how long have you been on this island? ” asked the navy officer. “My name is Jack, sir? ” A boy with red hair and a cap on his head responded first and followed by Roger and Samneric. “We’ve been on this island for a while now sir. We’re not sure how long we’ve been here. ’’ “Why have you lads all painted your faces and why hasn’t that boy with fair hair? ” the officer continued asking.

At that point, Jack and the other boys were speechless. Later, they want to say something but words died at their lips. Finally, a voice comes out among the silence: “Because I’m not one of them, sir. ” answered Ralph from the back. “Okay, then. ” said the officer doubtfully, “let’s get you lads ready for departure. ” Without any further questions, at last the ship came closer to the island and picked up passengers. One by one the boys lined up in queue and got on the ship. The navy officer was the last one to get on the ship because he was checking around to see if there were still some kids left behind.

After that, the ship starts to move onward into the blue horizon. The island gradually vanished but the smoke from the burning forests was still visible from the distance as a signal for rescue. The littluns were arranged to occupy the room near the stairs which was big enough for them to stay while the older boys wanted to stay outdoor for a while. Ralph, who was feeling exhausted, joined the littluns to the room for some rest after a long day of running. As they were walking along the corridor, Ralph heard a bumping noise from the distance.

The littluns heard it too but they were too tired to go off and see, so they decided to get into the room and go to sleep. Ralph went on alone to see what was happening and he saw Jack and Roger were having a fight. Without any words, Ralph engaged the fight and tried to separate the two boys from each other. Roger was trying to punch Jack but he hit Ralph in the face instead. After that, the duel stopped and there was a dead silence among the three boys. Suddenly Roger shouted out loud: “Why are we here on this cruise ship?! We supposed to be on the island, having fun and hunting pigs!! he paused then continued, “We supposed to kill this guy standing right here who was trying to ruin our fun on the island!!! ” “No, it’s over. We have got to return to the real world now, to our home. ” said Jack with tears in his eyes, “It’s where we belong! Don’t you understand? ”

“Fine, serve yourself then! ” said Roger and he ran away afterward. Jack turned to Ralph and tried to speak out a word but he couldn’t spit it out. He felt awkward and a little shy to talk to Ralph now as if both of them had just known each other for the first time. If you have anything to tell me, you can tell me tomorrow because I need to go to my room and have a rest now. ” said Ralph. Jack nodded and he went outside straight to the deck of the cruise ship. Ralph went back to his room, his face was in pain from the bunch and slept with the littluns. After about half an hour later, someone rushed into the room like a mad cow and shouted for help. “Who was that!!?? ” cried Percival as he was half awake. Ralph stood up straight from his bed as if he was about to sprint. He looked at the stranger at who rushed in and he saw Eric catching his breath.

“What’s wrong?! ” asked Ralph in a loud voice. Quick, Roger wants to jump off the cruiser!!! ” cried Eric, “I have no time to explain; Sam is holding him right now by the fan tail of the cruise ship!!! ” “I have to go and stop him now,” said Ralph, “you go and inform the officer immediately” The two boys ran off quickly in different directions. Ralph sprinted as fast as he could to the fan tail of the ship to stop Roger from jumping off. “I dare you to get your hands off me and let me return to the island!!! ” demanded Roger madly at Sam. Sam kept holding on to Roger waiting for Eric to go and call somebody for help. Later Ralph came and shouted to Roger: “Wait a minute!!! “You can’t tell me what to do, Ralph. Not ever again! ” shouted Roger from the distance. “Please, listen to me. You’ve got to calm down. ” said Ralph, “If you jumped now, you will die for sure! ” At the moment, Roger found himself shaking after he heard Ralph says that he would die if he jumped.

He slowly turned away from the blue horizon and back to Sam; suddenly he slipped off the railing, took Sam with him as he fell but Ralph held Sam’s hand immediately and tried to pull them back with all his strength. “Don’t let go of my hands!!! ” exclaimed Ralph. “My hand is sliding off your hands, Ralph. wailed Sam. Sam was not thinking about being rescued now. He understood clearly that the probability for him to live is very low because Roger was holding Sam’s hand and Sam was holding Ralph’s hands. Sam feared that if he continued to hold Ralph’s hands, he would also pull Ralph down with them. That’s why he decided to let go of Ralph’s hands and greet death. As Sam slowly let go of Ralph’s hands, he felt extra hands on his wrist which pulled him and Roger up in a few seconds. When they got up on the cruiser’s fantail again, Sam saw Ralph, a navy officer and Eric.

“What do you think you’re doing?! asked the officer in a strict tone, “you two almost get yourself killed!!! ” “My apology, sir” said Sam, “We were running too fast and we accidentally fell off the ship as we tried to turn. And Ralph saved us. ” “Be more careful next time or else I will have to keep you in a room until we’ve reached England. Understand? ” said the officer. Sam nodded but Roger didn’t. He seemed to be sad and disappointed about not being able to get back to the island. “Good job, lads” said the officer as he turned to Ralph and Eric, “now off you go. Don’t stay too close to the fantail. ” Ralph, Roger and Samneric headed back to their room quietly.

Roger faced down as they walked away from the officer by the fantail. When they entered their room, there was a dead silence inside. The littluns were staring at Roger and Ralph. “There’s nothing to stare at. You guys go and have a bath now” said Ralph, “supper will be at 6 o’clock. ” One after another, the littluns disappeared from the room and went to have a shower. By 5:30 at dusk, all the boys were cleaned up and really hungry. They gathered together in the big room waiting for someone to come and lead them to the dining room. Jack was shocked when Percival told him what happened this afternoon between Roger, Ralph and Samneric.

He wanted to ask Ralph if this true but he couldn’t because Jack knew that Ralph’s hatred for him was still unforgivable. Therefore, he asked Samneric who was sitting in front of him quietly: “Is it true that Roger wanted to jump off the cruiser? ” “It is true indeed. ” replied Sam, “I was the one to interrupt while Eric went to call for help. ” “Oh, I see. ” said Jack, “That’s explain why Roger is so quiet. ” While Jack and Sam were talking and the littluns were playing, there was somebody knocking on the door. Ralph ran to the door and opened it, he saw three officers standing on their feet.

One of them was holding a big stock pot, another officer was occupied by spoons and bowls, and the last officer was holding a big bottle of fresh water. “I’m afraid that you lads have to stay in your room tonight and eat your supper,” said one of the officers, “it’s raining cats and dogs outside. ” “It’s okay sir and thank you for bringing us food. ” said Ralph politely. The officers smiled at Ralph and hand over the dinnerware, the stock pot and a big bottle of water, the boys received them carefully into the room. “We’ll be having potato soup tonight. ” proclaimed Jack, “I haven’t eaten it for a while now. “Everybody, get your bowls and come. ” said Ralph, “Get your potato soup. ” Although there’s heavy rain and thunder going outside, the boys ate their potato soup happily together without any worries at all. Even Roger joined the supper but he still remained silence.

After they had finished with their supper, the boys put the dirty bowls and spoons aside then they went to sleep because it was getting late now. At midnight, one of the littluns named Henry had to go the bathroom. Henry asked other littluns to come along because he scared to go off by himself but no one seemed to make any moves t all, so he had to force himself to go. As he opened the door, the cold wind rushed into the room and awakened some of the boys. “Where are you going? ” asked Ralph in a soft voice. “I have to go to the bathroom,” said Henry, “and I would be glad if you could come along. ” Ralph jumped from his bed, yawned for a bit and went with Henry to the only bathroom he knew on the cruiser which was about five blocks away from their room on the way to the deck. Ralph waited outside while Henry was using the bathroom, then they went back to the room along the corridor. It was cold and dark.

The heavy rain made it barely impossible for the sailors to see one was going in the middle of the ocean; small waves hit the cruiser followed by the tidal waves which caused the ship to constantly make motions to the right and left. Ralph and Henry had not reached their room yet because the way back was getting darker than plus the cruiser did not move in motion so they had to walk slowly and cautiously on the wet floor. Suddenly the rainy storm caused a loud vibration of thunder which horrified Henry to run very fast, Ralph was chasing after him recklessly and he slipped over, hit his head and fainted on the wet floor.

The next morning, Ralph woke up and found himself lying on a bed in the room where the boys had slept last night. He saw the door was opened and Percival came in slowly. “You’re awake now. How are you feeling? ” asked Percival. “I’m feeling better now but my head still aching,” said Ralph, “What happened to me last night? I remember that I was taking Henry to the bath room and that’s all. ” “I’m not sure what really happened,” said Percival “All I knew was that Jack came in the room carrying you on his back. I saw he laid you down on a bed then he went back to his bed to sleep. I think you’re fainted or something. “That’s right! ” cried Ralph, “I was running after Henry and I slipped and banged my head on the floor. ” Ralph was surprised to hear that Jack was the one who helped him when he fainted on the floor in the middle of the night. He wondered why Jack decided to save him. So Ralph got off his bed, went looking for Jack and he found him by the bow of the cruiser. Ralph walked awkwardly toward Jack and tried to speak a word but he did not know what to say, after all Jack had done to him and his friends on the island. First, Ralph went toward and stood by Jack silently on the bow looking at the blue horizon.

The sun was shining bright and the sky was clear; the weather seemed be normal and peaceful. Finally, Jack broke the silence. “I’m so sorry, Ralph. ” Ralph was shocked to hear such a confession from Jack. He was not sure what to respond and usually Piggy was always there to give him suggestions and advices but he’s not here anymore so Ralph was left to say the only thing he could think of: “You’re apologizing about for what? ” “For everything that I’ve done to you, Piggy and Simon back on the island. ” Ralph was speechless at the moment. He had never heard Jack would have said something so expressive.

In fact, it reminded him the time on the island when Jack had apologized to him once for letting the fire out but Ralph also realized that he never accepted that apology. He felt shameful about that mistake he made, plus Jack had helped him last night in order to pay for his mistakes. Therefore, Ralph decided to let go of the past, all the hatred he had for Jack and instead he forgave Jack. “It’s okay, Jack. I accept your apology,” said Ralph, “after all you are not the only one who made mistake, and I also made a mistake on my own. I also contribute to the destruction of the island society. “Only if I had been a better chief, we wouldn’t have fallen this much. ” “Why did you say like that, Ralph? It’s because of you that we all get rescued? ” said Jack, “It’s me who had brainwashed the boys and turn them into savages like me. I should have listened to you, to Piggy. ” Ralph and Jack stood on the bow for a while, looking at the blue horizon in a memory of Piggy.

They were both thinking the same thing that if they both listen carefully to Piggy’s advice. Not only the boys would enjoy staying on the island together but the boys would be rescued faster. “I regretted about the death of Piggy. said Jack “Yes I did too. But then why did you decide to kill him? ” asked Ralph. “Yes I do contribute to the death of Piggy but I didn’t kill him,” proclaimed Jack, “It was Roger who did it. He’s the one who pushed the huge boulder to crush Piggy! ” “I had never thought of dropping boulder on a person. All I ever wanted to do was to threat you guys so that you would be frightened of me and then joined my tribe. But Roger, he was insane and more aggressive than me. He told me that we had to hunt you down so that there wouldn’t be anyone to struggle the position of chief from me.

So I decided to follow him and went hunting for you. Roger regretted so much that we didn’t get the chance to kill you. ” After hearing all the truths that Jack told him, Ralph felt even more sad and depressed to the fact that Jack who used to be his enemy didn’t try to kill him. But instead, it turned out to be Roger whom Ralph thought to be innocent killed Piggy and tried to hunt him down. “You two, please come with me. The captain wished to see you. ” announced the voice from the back of Ralph and Jack. When they turned back, they saw an officer was calling them by the door.

Ralph and Jack did what the officer said and followed him to see the captain. They walked along the corridor, climbed the stairs to the next level and beyond the stair about two rooms away, there’s a room with a label on the door illustrated “Captain Benard Peter. ” They entered that room and in there stood a man in a navy uniform and brown mustache. “Please come in. ” the captain welcomed the boys, “Thank you officer for bringing them to me. ” The officer saluted the captain and he went outside and closed the door behind Jack and Ralph. “Make yourself comfortable. ” said the captain, “I have some questions to ask you two.

But let us begin by introducing ourselves. ” “My name is Benard Peter, you can call me Peter. ” “I am Ralph and this is Jack. ” Introduced Ralph. “One of my crews have informed that you boys were on the island by yourself without any adults at all. Is it true? ” “Yes indeed. Sir” “Then who was the one to be responsible for all the boys. ” “I am, sir. ” Ralph said, “We had a vote and I won the election. ” “He is our chief indeed. ” clarified Jack. “I have also heard that there are two boys who were killed on the island. Who were those boys, do you know their names. ” “The two boys’ name were Piggy and Simon.

They’re my good friends. ” answered Ralph with a sad tone. “Do you also know the reason why they died? ” The captain continued asking. “For Simon, we accidentally killed him because it was a dark and rainy night. And we can see Simon well while he was walking in the forest. We thought he was a beast therefore we killed him. ” explained Ralph. “For Piggy… I…er. ” said Jack as he was trying to admit that he was the one to responsible for the death of Piggy. “Piggy was killed by a boulder that accidentally rolled down by itself while we were exploring by the rocky part of the island” Ralph interrupted.

Jack was speechless. He looked at Ralph doubtfully and wondering why Ralph decided to excuse him? Does this mean that Ralph really forgive Jack? “I see. ” sighed the captain pitifully. “You are a group of English boys, my expectation for you is way better than this. But it’s too late for blaming now, just be more careful next time. ” The captain had been questioning the boys for the whole afternoon. And they had lunch in the office then continued with their business until the sun barely sink down into the blue horizon. “Alright, that’s all I want to know.

Thank you two for attending to my office and answered my questions. ” said the captain, “off you go now. ” “You’re welcome, sir. ” replied Ralph. The two boys got off the seat and walked out of the room and they headed back to their room and rejoined the rest of the boys for supper. That night, Jack felt himself in the cloud nine, walking in the air because Ralph finally lay down his hatred toward Jack and instead he accepted Jack’s sincere apology. The next day early in the morning, one of the navy officers announced that the cruiser almost reached its destination in the Great Britain.

The boys were so excited for their arrival in England that they woke up and rushed to the bow of the cruiser at dawn, even the littluns were also running half awake with the older boys. They gathered together at the front of the cruiser, some of them were standing on the bow and some were sitting on the deck. Almost one hour had passed; the sun was climbing to the blue sky. The boys who were standing on the bow decided to have a seat on the deck first except the little boy who was still standing on the bow; suddenly he saw something on the blue horizontal line then shouted out: “I saw something!

Look! ” All the boys stood on the feet quickly and looked into the sea and they saw like a dot on the blue horizontal. As the cruiser moved closer and closer, they saw an island, a big one. It took quite a long time for the cruiser to reach the London Port in England. A navy officer advised the boys to have a bathe, eat breakfast and get ready. At around ten o’clock in the morning the cruiser finally reached the London Port, all the boys got off the ship with smiles on their faces, a few even cried because they’re too excited to return back to England.

The navy officers organized a truck to pick the boys up to London, the boys lined up and one by one they got on the bus. Ralph was the last person in the queue but before he climbed into the bus, he observed the environment that was damaged bombs then looked back to the blue sea and imagined the burnt island floating on the blue horizon. Ralph gave a long sighed and said: “The society in the adult’s world and the society on the island are not really different at all. Both are having wars and conflicts because of power and money. At the end, the ones who will suffer the consequences are the innocent people like Piggy and Simon. ”

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