“Lord of the Flies” by William Golding Symbolism

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The novel’s author, Sir Golding, has numerous motives in connecting society to savage acts of murder, particularly in reference to World Wars one and two. Through various elements such as Simon’s character, the fire, and Piggy’s glasses, Golding depicts societal practices and other related aspects of life. In one instance, he describes how Simon retrieves unreachable fruit from the foliage and distributes it to the outstretched hands of the group.

Simon is an individual who enjoys meditating and valuing the significance of Mother Nature. This is exemplified in the beginning of the novel when all the boys agree to start a fire, but Jack dismisses it as merely a cooking fire. However, the island’s inhabitants acknowledge the smoke’s visibility and Ralph’s prediction about their rescue is verified on page 248. Additionally, the fire served to ward off “night things” and cook food while also serving as a means for their ultimate salvation.

Wearing his glasses since he was three, Piggy’s character is symbolized. Mocked and misunderstood due to weak eyesight and fragility, Piggy demonstrates bravery, intelligence, and wisdom. However, the boys fail to understand the true importance of his glasses – a representation of knowledge, intellect, and potential rescue.

The boys’ glasses, particularly Piggy’s, were instrumental in maintaining order and civilization on the island. Once the glasses were broken, the boys’ behavior shifted dramatically, turning them into savage beings. Jack was the first to suggest breaking Piggy’s glasses, viewing them as a tool for fire-making. The glasses represented a source of hope and a link to civilization. The novel heavily relies on these symbols, as they significantly impact the story’s outcome. Without these symbols and their accurate interpretation, the narrative would have unfolded in a completely different way.

The occurrence of each event in the novel is linked to an event that exists outside of the novel. This linkage clearly indicates that the purpose of the novel is to illustrate concepts and ideas beyond its own narrative.

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