What Changes Would You Like to See in Your School ?

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The role of teachers is vital in shaping the future of students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds who cannot afford private tutoring. It is crucial for teachers to not neglect their responsibilities towards their students, as some fail to fulfill their obligations or show remorse when their students perform poorly in exams.

In my school, there are teachers who can be observed in the school canteen enjoying coffee or a snack instead of teaching. Nevertheless, there are also committed teachers who diligently devote their time. They invest extensive hours grading students’ assignments and creating captivating lessons. Additionally, some teachers generously offer their Saturday mornings to participate in extracurricular activities such as the Scouts movement.

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Imagine how wonderful it would be if all teachers were like this! Our school experience would greatly improve if we didn’t have to deal with teachers whose bad moods negatively impact us. It’s unfair that we have to concern ourselves with our teacher’s mood. Additionally, there are certain rules in the school that require reevaluation. Some of them appear irrational or insignificant, for instance, why must boys have short hair? What is the rationale behind this rule?

Some in power seem to believe that individuals with long hair are destined to become criminals or villains. However, Hitler serves as a counterexample, as he nearly exterminated the Jewish race despite having very short hair.

In contrast, punishments for serious acts of disobedience should be more effective, even if they need to be harsher. Currently, students often escape with just a warning or reprimand for offenses such as damaging school furniture and doors. I strongly argue that these vandals should be held accountable for the damage they have caused.

Additionally, legal measures should be taken against students who physically assault or threaten others in order to extort money. If someone behaves like a criminal, they should be treated accordingly.

An additional area requiring reform is the school curriculum, specifically within the subject of “Moral Education.” Good morality cannot simply be memorized for exams like any other academic subject.

Good morals should be internalized, which is why “Moral Education” in schools should either be removed after primary school or modified to focus on practical application instead of mere knowledge. Given that school hours occupy a significant part of our day, let us utilize these hours effectively within a safe, compassionate, and enjoyable environment. As our school years consume a considerable proportion of our lives, this is when our intellect and ethics are shaped. Assist us in becoming valuable members of our nation.

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