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What Drives Toyota?

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This article explains the source of Toyota’s successful “insatiable competitiveness that would seem un-American were it not for all the Americans making it happen. ” What drives Toyota is “the presumption of imperfection and a distinctly American refusal to accept it. ” Toyota is growing while other competitive companies like “Ford” and “GM” are struggling. Some of them terminated their business, while Toyota is opening new factories, at lower labor costs. There are many reasons for their success.

The story of improvements made to the paint shop at Toyota’s car factory in Georgetown, Kentucky, is the explanation for Toyota’s steady advancement to becoming the world’s leading car manufacturer.

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What Drives Toyota?
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Changeovers in paint sprayers from one color to the next between batches of cars resulted in waste of 30% of car paint. A team examined the opportunity for improvement and changed the process to eliminate the need for batching. They redesigned the painting robots, eliminating the need for an entire painting booth.

Waste was cut practically to zero and the whole process speeded up. In a Toyota factory, they focused on a single mission; how to make cars better. Not only better cars, but also, better ways to make cars. The process of making the cars is very important to them. Toyota is even having a process to learn how to improve the process. So, there are three basic steps, making cars, making cars better, and training everyone how to make cars better, In addition to that, improving the process.

Toyota is actually creating jobs in USA. They offer good health insurance, and excellent salaries. Toyota doesn’t promise lifetime employment, but it has managed to avoid layoffs because of its growth. Also, their products are beneficially and less expensive compared to their competitors. Workers in Toyota don’t stop and celebrate their success; they turn their attention to the next round of improvements. Continual improvement is a way of life for people in the Toyota organization; it’s the work of every day.

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What Drives Toyota?. (2016, Oct 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/what-drives-toyota/

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