Molloy College: The Place for Me

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The writer searched for a college to transfer to and visited many universities in New York City and Long Island. They found Molloy College to be the best option due to its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The author also appreciates that they have to take Theology classes in order to graduate, as they are interested in the topic. They have questions about faith and hope that these classes will provide some answers. Molloy College is a small school with a comfortable campus, a variety of educational opportunities, and a reasonable tuition.

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In looking for a topographic point to reassign from a two- twelvemonth college, I visited a great trade of universities in New York City and on Long Island. I was really impressed with the schools I saw, nevertheless, the college that I like the most and where I hope to be enrolled is Molloy College. This school has something that large universities do non: an ambiance of heat and friendly relationship. Its cosy and comfy campus makes me experience at place, and I do non desire to look for anything else. A welcoming atmosphere in combination with a sensible tuition and convenient location would be adequate to do me use to Molloy, but there is something else that attracts me in the college. In order to graduate from Molloy, you have to take Theology categories, and I am really interested in this topic.

I am non a spiritual individual, but my life experience makes me believe that there is some power that guides our lives; our fate is predetermined and we can non make anything about it. Human life can be compared with rafting down a mountain watercourse. You can command the class of your raft to some extent and do it travel to the left or to the right, but you have no opportunity to travel against the current. Similarly, we have some influence on our lives, but we can non travel against our fate. What is that power that controlled our lives? Does this power be at all? Is it nil but a drama of human imaginativeness? There are even more inquiries. Why people, even disbelievers, start praying when they are really frightened? If you are afraid for your life, you begin to pray even if you have no thought how to make it. I observed such behavior many times when I was in the ground forces. What is faith? Is it merely idolizing a divinity? Is it a belief that unites people? Are such modern-day doctrines as communism and American democracy types of faith? These two political orientations would be a new type of religion: faith without a God. Peoples worship the rule alternatively of a divinity. They die and kill in the name of the rule every bit frequently as they did in the name of God. Can humankind be without faith? I hope that Theology categories will give me replies to some of these inquiries.

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Molloy College is a little school that combines a sort, homelike atmosphere with a great assortment of educational chances. It is situated in a scenic portion of Long Island and in a beautiful community. Molloy’s tuition is really sensible for a private college. That is why I can barely wait to get down my analyzing in this great establishment.

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