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This lesson focuses on the historical background to the narrative and a outline of all the chapters. Summary of chapters gives the narrative line i. e. chief issues in each chapter. Do non ignore the book and depend on this sum-up. they could be some skips. Furthermore you are expected to interrogate the text and pull your ain personal decisions about what the author has presented. Last apply the different literary techniques or look at how Bessie Head has utilized the in this moving and free fluxing narrative. A narrative every scholar is bound to Enjoy! BESSIE HEAD: THE AUTHOR She is a South African author of great stature who was born in KZN’s Pietermaritzburg in the late thirties. She was a colored. bastard and unwanted kid who confronted emotional anguish and contusions and besides psychological force right from the beginning of her life.

Her female parent was White. and came from an flush and epicurean background. who harmonizing to the Torahs of the clip contravened the norm by affecting herself in a romantic relationship with a black hapless adult male. Due to that. she became an castaway in the household. her gestation ( that produced Bessie Head ) became a shame to household. In the so Apartheid South Africa brotherhood between White persons and Blacks was a societal tabu. it was abhorrent harmonizing to the Torahs of the clip. Her Hagiographas uncovered the injury and anguish of being an unwanted kid. a kid missing individuality and belongingness. She talks about the hunt for a “self”and freedom.

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