When The Alternative is Unthinkable

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The cast includes Robert De Noir starring as Leonard Lowe and Robin Williams as Dry. Malcolm Sayers as well as Ruth Nelson as Mrs.. Lowe, Alice Drummond as Lucy, and John Heard as Dry. Kaufman. No one knows weather the chemical cure, leopard (L-dope) was worth making a change in the lives of these people. It is a question waiting to be answered even to today. By uncovering an old article on a Parkinson cure, Dry. Sayers applied the research to his patient’s, discovering what he thinks will be a cure for his patient’s. Dry.

Malcolm Sayers finds an article showing how all the patients are linked to an older yeomen that then put them in this catatonic state five to fifteen years later. For a start, Dry. Sayers is learning about what has occurred with other patients many years previously. He finds an article about the post-encephalitic syndrome when Dry. Ingram was the M. D. In the article published November 7th, 1935. Dry. Sayers talks with old doctor, Dry. Ingram, to learn that the same things occurring now with patients are the same things from years previous.

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While talking they watch a screen and Sayers sees that on the screen there is a young man’s eyes, entranced, gaze upward as if trying hard to remember something or trying hard to forget. He asks, ;what are they thinking? ” ;They’re not. The virus didn’t spare the higher faculties,” replies Dry. Ingram. Dry. Sayers states with hopefulness, “we know that for a fact. ” Again Dry. Ingram replies “yes. ” “Because… ” Sayers continues. Now Sayers is waiting to hear from Dry. Ingram the reasons, the data, to support the merciful truth, but he doesn’t seem to possess it anymore than he himself, does.

There comes a long silence before Dry. Ingram states, “Because the alternative Is unthinkable. In short, this Is all saying that the doctor’s would rather believe that the patient’s mind has fallen asleep rather than consider they might be trapped in their own minds. The learning of the previous and current conditions led Dry. Sayers to become uncomfortable with his patient’s In this catatonic state and in the end does find a possible chemical cure. For this reason, he goes even farther to learn about this chemical cure, leopard and believes it truly is the cure, and his only obstacle is getting permission to use It.

Dry. Sayers tells Dry. Kaufman of leopard, the new anta; Parkinson drug, to then be questioned if the drug would kill them and the answer in return was what if this drug were to cure them and finally Dry. Kaufman changes his thoughts around. He asks, “How many did you think I’d let you put on it? ” Dry. Sayers tofu the family consent. Signed. ” With this Sayers tries to hide his elation and turns to leave before Kaufman changes his mind. Sayers gets consent from Mrs.. Lowe, who tells him of Leonard and how he began symptoms at age eleven and by age twenty stopped speaking. Leonard then became Dry.

Sawyer’s most probable patient to act upon knowing all his background. When receiving Mrs.. Low’s consent Dry. Sayers begins testing this new anti-Parkinson drug, leopard. He begins with a MGM dose with orange Juice to give to Leonard, then MGM with milk, and even MGM with milk and none of these make any changes in Leonard. When everyone left that night Sayers decides to go measure the medicine himself and measures MGM, ten times the original dose! At last, Leonard awakes and when Dry. Sayers wakes up in the middle of the night he finds Leonard in the cafeteria. Leonard looks to Dry.

Sayers and whispers, “It’s quiet. ” Dry. Sayers replies, “It’s late. Everyone’s asleep. ” “I’m not asleep,” states Leonard. Dry. Sayers again replies, “No. You’re awake. ” Through this Leonard nods, though it’s unclear whether Leonard realizes how significant this is. Leonard is drawing as well and when Dry. Sayers sees the paper it’s covered with what seems imponderable hieroglyphic-like scrawl, but there is order in the chaos. There are letters, it’s Lemonade’s name. This shows Sayers that Leonard is picking up on all the old things he could do before this condition occurred. Leonard awakening proves to Dry.

Kaufman that leopard is the cure and that he deeds to begin the same treatment on the other patient’s, though Dry. Sayers has to tell the truth of the actual amount. When the patient’s receive the treatment they’re all awakened, which is a miracle. In addition they are wanting things constantly, are amazed, and are talking about their thoughts and lives, with one of those patient’s being Lucy. She tells to Sayers, “l had the strangest dream… I called to my sister, but she couldn’t hear me. No one could hear me. I was alone… And then I woke up. ” Lucy smiles and Dry. Sayers tries to.

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