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Why does Iago destroy Othello?s Essay

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When the play begins, the audience finds out that Othello has just named a new lieutenant, but that it was not Iago, even though Iago has always been a faithful ancient to Othello.He is so angry that he plans to avenge himself by destroying Othello. This event acts as a motivating catalyst for Iago to destroy Othello.Iago destroys almost everyone else, because they are all somehow connected with Othello, and he doesn't care who is done away with, just as long as he reaches his goal of destroying Othello.

When I read Othello, I always find it a bit strange how Iago could have been so loyal to Othello for so many years, and turn on him so quickly and suddenly.I mean the man is clearly pure evil.And, analyzing what he says to Roderigo in one of his conversations (i.i 38-62) it seems that he was never loyal to Othello (or anyone else, for that matter).

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Why does Iago destroy Othello?s
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Of course, one does not turn evil overnight, so he was always such.Yet, this seems to be thefirst time that Othello has tasted, or even known about, Iago's wickedness. Iago is truly evil.A life of giving oneself to narcissism and self-serving ends in evil.Iago defeats others to feel powerful.He is brilliant with manipulation and language.He fixes people with language, undoes them.He is angry, of course, because Othello has chosen Cassio over him — jealous, bitter, enraged.He says, "I follow him to serve my turn upon him." (43).He also says "I am not what I am."He is aware of his evil and confident that he can wreck revenge.He grinds away persistently at the process.He also has a low view of women and he wants to be the center of everyone's attention.His low view of women is evident in how poorly he treats his wife and in some other things he lets drop.One example if this may be found on lines 108-111, in the 1st scene of the 2nd act: "Come on, come on!You are pictures out of door, Bells in your parl…

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