Why I Chose to Become A Medical Assistant Research Paper

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The author explains their decision to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and outlines several reasons for this choice. They note that there are many available career opportunities and options for advancement within the medical field, making it a rewarding long-term career choice. Additionally, the author has a passion for working in the medical field and helping others. They also point out that medical assisting is becoming increasingly popular and in high demand due to factors such as the aging baby boomer population. The author notes that CMAs have a wide range of job duties that keep them busy throughout the day, and they appreciate the fast-paced work environment. While salary is a consideration, the author prioritizes job security and their desire to help others over monetary reasons for choosing this career.

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The numerous opportunities and potential for growth in the medical industry are driving my decision to become a Certified Medical Assistant. I am confident that obtaining certification in this field will lead to long-term satisfaction in my chosen career.

Having a strong passion for the medical field and a genuine desire to help others, working as a medical assistant brings me immense satisfaction. This profession is currently experiencing growth and high demand due to various factors, including the aging of the “baby-boomer” generation. As these individuals retire, there is an increased need for medical care.

The rise in demand for medical assistants, doctors, and nurses can be attributed to a variety of factors. CMAs have many job responsibilities that keep them occupied throughout the day, preventing aimless wandering or engaging in unimportant tasks to pass the time.

If a CMA has free time, they can find various useful tasks to do, including catching up on paperwork, filing documents in patients’ medical records, documenting in patient charts, working on scheduling for the next day, cleaning supplies, cleaning or setting up exam rooms, and other tasks within their job description to keep themselves busy.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, there are other less significant factors for selecting medical assisting. Though salary should be taken into account when making a career choice, it is not my primary motive for pursuing this field. Job security, a fast-paced work environment, and the fulfillment of assisting those in need are more important reasons compared to monetary considerations.

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