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Why We Are Obsessd With Superheros Essay

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  • Pages 4
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    Hey yea you there do you like so many ”kind’s” of superhero’s well you came to the right place we will be talking about of all ‘kinds. Like’ the most one that people loved back in the day and let’s see why people loved superheroes like. American’s do so much and you get to see what is my favorite superhero is the world and you can learn ”facts” about superhero’s let go!.

    Do you know why Americans are obsessed with superheroes well we are going to talk about it? Let’s get stared. Most people love their superpowers but there more to them like batman we like him because he has no superpowers ”butt” he still fights ”butt” and crimes to save the ”world. According” to Youtube: why we love superheroes. Another thing why we love superheroes they get to save the world and all the people most superhero movies are in Hollywood because that is where most people can make their dream’s come true and that is where most of the famous people can make movies that are really

    More reasons why we love superheroes are because. They are cool and really weird because when we watch the movies of them they sometimes fight and some one want to fight them but they win so they go crazy for that so all the people can cheer for them. Also if they had to show use who they really are we would flip out because we now know who they are truly are. They also can show bravery in the world so they can fight crimes bad people demons all those thing. According to all of this is why we love them.

    Another thing I love from superheroes is superwomen she is part of the team but a girl an that’s Ok and this is why she is my favorite superhero. It is my favorite from her it shows all the colors of American also it can show you her bravery and strength. Another thing why I like her is because her kind words because when she saves people she says are you Ok and alright and the strong man says are you Ok and leave that’s why I like her kindness in the world. About her bravery I like how she can get in a bad crime and get kidnapped and she can save herself from what got into another thing what I like from her bravery is that she has strength so she can fight people that get in her way. Lastly why I like her is because she loves herself and does not care what people say to her.

    Why we love them to is because. Superheroes were made up for American myths in the world. Another reason is When we need help superheroes are there for use when we get in big trouble also superheroes are created to be what we needed also did you know captain America fights the evil of Hitler and that’s cool and we don’t why they did not give wonder women a movie? We needed superheroes to fight our invisible forces and fight all the bad people like the demons inside the world of our city. According where I got this information is: slide share how many reviction on Superheroes.

    Do you know superheroes some time change there attitude when there fight well im going to tell you why? When they fight they get mad because they don’t like really fighting because it is to much work and they don’t want to get made because they have to fight and have to be happy that’s why they don’t like really fighting crime. And have you noticed in Marvel it is mostly white men and we don’t know why they put more white people then other colors and we are still wondering about that.After world war to the superheroes started not fighting that much and one day people did not really not like superman they would pay more attention to him no more because more cooler superheroes came out. According to why we love superheroes.

    Have you wondered if superheroes came to our plant let’s see…If they come to our plant I think when they fight like in movie’s they the world but they don’t clean up their own mess they make all the other people clean it up like a building. Superheroes are American myth’s why let me tell you why? They were made for not being bored and to get kids attention in the old day they would put superheroes in comic book so kids can look at the photos and read. According to slide share.

    So that is why we are obsessed with superheroes because. They save the day, there brave, they don’t have to be in a team, there created what we needed. And they dedicate their work to all the people that they saved.

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