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Woman of the Future

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The school miss in the undermentioned verse form is made up of all the things she experiences-the things she sees. hears. odors. gustatory sensations. remembers-all that she has been taught and all that she thinks. She is wrapped in a cocoon of experience composed of the good and the bad things of the past and present. But one twenty-four hours she’ll free herself of this cocoon and emerge as a adult female.

Woman of the Future
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Woman of the Future
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I am a kid.

I am all the things of my yesteryear.I am the lentigos from my mother’s nose.I am the indolence of my paResting his eyes in forepart of the telecasting.I am all I see.Boys making Karate Chops.Rubens’ lovely ladies.Fat and bulging.Television ads of ladies who wear lip rouge in the wash.And worry about their custodiesAnd their breath.Maries with delicate faces keeping small packages of Jesus. I am all I hear.‘Look after him.

You’re his sister. ’‘Come and acquire your hair done. ’‘Rack off. Normie! ’Waves lapping or crashing at the beach.And the air current in trees and telegraph wires.I am all I feel and gustatory sensation.Soft and calendered clay on toes.Hairy insect legsSlippery camphor laurel foliagesThe salty gustatory sensation of fish and french friess on my linguaAnd the watery thaw of iceblocks.And all I remember.A gallery shaded by grape vines.

Where I stepped off the border and flewLike Superman.And walking up in the cold in a auto wheredad changed a Sur.And being lost in the menagerie with my cousin.I am all I’ve been taught.‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ .‘Smoking is a wellness jeopardy. ’I am all I think.Secrets.Deep down inside me.I am all those things.I’m like a caterpillarAnd these things are my cocoon.But one twenty-four hours I’ll bite my manner outAnd be freeBecauseI’m the adult female of the hereafter.

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