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Worksheet I Like

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Material I like from TESL Canada Teachers’ Resource Centre – Permission granted for classroom copying;
Material created by: J. Chodarcewics – Estimated CLB 5 – File Name: ContCluesIntro-V-5


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Worksheet I Like
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When reading, you will sometimes find a word that you do not know. One quick, effective method of finding the meaning of a new word is by using the context. The context means the other words around your new word.
For example, do you know the word knob? Read this sentence and then write the meaning:
Turn the knob on the radio until you find an FM station that plays good music.

Important words in this example include turn, radio, FM, and music. The knob is the part of the radio that you turn to find a station. In general, a knob is anything similar that you can turn. The part of the door that you put your hand on in order to open the door is the door knob.

Here is another example:
We learn quickly in this school because there are only twelve pupils in each class.

Important words here include school, twelve, and class. So, pupil: ____________________________
Sometimes the context can change the meaning of a word:
They watch television every day. // I was late because I forgot to wear my watch.
The English alphabet has twenty-six letters. // I often write letters to my friends.
Quite often, there will be an rather obvious pattern of meaning to help you guess what must be coming.

The following exercise lets you practice that skill.
Read each of the following sentences and write a word that completes the meaning of the sentence.
Each time, be ready to explain how you have discovered the pattern of meaning.
1. George is not single. He is __________.
2. Your answer is not correct. It is __________.
3. This box is not small. It is ___________.
4. John is very tall, but his brother is __________.
5. (24a2 + 6ab +8b3 = ?) is complicated, but (2 + 2 = ?) is __________.
6. Turkey is.

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