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Writing assignment resumen de cognados

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Discuss common forms of attack on Microsoft systems using the text Internet, and/or your job as reference for full credit. As our society realize more and more on technology like computers and smart phones to conduct every day things such as banking, work, school, and staying connected with family and friends, our personal information has become more vulnerable to attack.

Before computers, if someone wants to steal your personal information they would need to break in to your house, work and car to try and get your information.

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Writing assignment resumen de cognados
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Now everything about us are stored right on our computers from banking information, to medical information. Some of the most common forms of attack on Microsoft system are Trojan horse, backdoor, denial of service, robot/intermediary process, unprotected Windows Share, mobile code, cross- site scripting and packet sniffing.

Trojan horse is a virus that is downloaded in either a infected internet file or as a payload of some other type of virus.

It is a malicious program that tricks users into running it, then when in your computer starts attacking and destroying files secretly. Backdoor attack bypasses normal authentication, allowing the attacker remote access to a computer giving them unauthorized access to computer files without detection. Denial of services is an attack on networks that are intended at making computer or particular service on a computer unavailable.

Robot/intermediary process is a form of attack that is lunched on one computer but attacks another computer. Unprotected Windows Share is an easy method of allowing remote access or sharing to computers. This type of attack is commonly used with shared folder and printers. Mobile code refers to interpreted or executable content that can be downloaded and run on user’s computer. This type of attack offers the user visiting the site a method that’s provide a rich and dynamic content to users.

Cross-site scripting is a type of computer security exposure found in web function such as ASS which attacker attach to the client side of a script. Packet sniffing is a type of attack in which the attacker uses the collection of network messages as it is traveling from the user to the server in order to divulge information. It’s funny that my first weeks assignment was only forms of attack, this week I am due for my yearly cyber wariness training in the military to allow me access to government computer.

Part of the training is conducted as models where I have to complete task such as opening email and how to handle suspicious emails, creating passwords, and handling how to log off computer when leaving them. With attacks on the raise it seems no one is safe and measure must continue to grow.

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