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Collaborative and Individual Writing Process



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    During collaborative writing processes there are certain advantages and disadvantages. There are times that an individual writing process may better suit the information being written. Such advantages of a collaborative writing process are combined ideas “two heads are better than one”, a shared workload, and a greater array of skills and opinions. Combined ideas from collaborative writing may offer different views and expertise on specific topics; individuals within the group may also present new methods for viewing some information.

    Being able to split the work load will aid in gathering of research information, taking notes, and the actual writing of the project; this is a major asset for projects that may require extensive research. As each individual within the group has had different experiences, developed different learning techniques and emotional intelligences, and possess unique skills it is important to make full use of each individuals potential.

    These unique skills and different learning techniques and emotional intelligences will provide additional and valuable resources to aid in the completion of any project. Collaborative writing processes are not without their disadvantages; these disadvantages may be evident right at the start or may develop over the course of the project.

    These disadvantages may include but are not limited to ideas being excepted by members just to get along with the rest of the group or group think, differences in opinions and beliefs may lead to friction amongst the group, and even issues regarding disparities in the workload; “why does that person get that job? It’s easy compared to mine. ” At times an individual writing process may be best. Such an instance may involve material that is deemed personal or confidential. When dealing with such information it is best to work on the project alone.

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