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Dear I am writing to you in hopes you may be able to aid me in any way for college. This is my story: When I was in sixth or seventh grade my mother was diagnosed with Bipolar disease and is also an alcoholic. She had tried to commit suicide on various occasions and was constantly in and out of the hospital. My mother was even sent away for four months at the Bradoboro Retreat Center. There were so many medical bills and my father was the only one working. Eventually we filed for bankruptcy. After struggling for a few years my parents decided to move because they might take our house. We lived up north so long it was going to be odd living in South Carolina but it was the cheapest place to live at that time. We claimed bankruptcy again and I no longer could see or graduate with the friends I grew up with. I was going into eleventh grade when we moved. Three years have past and I still am devastated that I missed graduation and prom with my friends but our family is better off now.

My parents are slowly building up their credit and getting back on their feet. When it came time for me to go to college I was out of luck. My parents make too much money for Pell Grants but don’t have good enough credit for a loan. I graduated high school with a 4.0 but yet I have been trying to go to college for a year and haven’t reached my goal. This year I was accepted to University of Massachusetts Lowell for this fall. I was also accepted into their music program that I auditioned for which is known worldwide for its excellent music classes. If there is anyway you could possibly aid me toward going to college this favor would never be forgotten and change my life forever. I’ve never asked for anything from anyone, mostly because I thought I could do it myself but I now know I need help.

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If there’s anyway you can help me I would be so grateful and be in your debt forever. Some things you might wish to know about me are listed in the paragraphs below: Hobbies that I enjoy are painting or drawing, writing poetry, and playing music. I also enjoy nature. I love to hike, camp, swim, and go white water rafting with my friends. The best hobby of all, to me, is singing. When I am in a bad or good mood singing is always there to make me feel free. Singing is the passion in my life that keeps me going. Right now I work full time at two jobs. I host at Italian Market and Grill and serve at Texas Roadhouse. I need to work a lot to pay for my bills and save for college. It’s hard working so much but I appreciate all the things I have more. I also participated in a lot of after school activities such as French Club, Chorus, Singers Honors, and Madrigals Honors. My favorite was Madrigals because we got to travel and sing in many competitions. We never received lower than gold at one. I played basketball for three years too.

The accomplishments I have achieved in my life are being accepted into the National Honor Society, being on the high honor roll, having my poetry published a few times, being accepted into Who’s Who of American High School Students, and winning local art contests. I was accepted into the music program at University of Massachusetts Lowell that I worked so hard at for the audition as well. I am very proud of these accomplishments and can’t wait to make more in my future at college. As of now I am still trying to find loans for college in the fall. I would like to major in Sound Recording and Technology. I am very passionate about music and I would work until the end of time to reach my dream in life. I have done an excellent job in high school and am always willing to give a helping hand. I hate dishonesty and am very modest. Most of all I am me, and don’t want to be anyone else. This is why I need your help, so I can go to college, find myself, and become my own future. If you can aid me in anyway there will never be enough thank yous in the world that I could say to ever get me out of debt to you.

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