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Zoology Personal Statement

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The BBC’s ‘Natural World’ made me particularly aware of the complexity of our planet. How every creature is a vital part of its habitat is remarkable: how animals and humans share such a large percentage of DNA yet appear and act so differently is extraordinary. It is possible to see evidence of evolution in these creatures’ anatomy today and this is what I want to explore at degree level.

I have always enjoyed sciences and have won awards for my academic achievement and effort.

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Zoology Personal Statement
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This encouraged me to continue my studies in science, particularly Biology. Biology is interesting, but when studying the animal kingdom in particular, I truly love the subject. The world we live in is diverse and exciting, yet there is still so much to learn. This encouraged me to study zoology, so I can understand these animals and protect them in their environment.

It was fascinating to see proof of evolution in the vestigial hind limb as shown on ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’.

This programme investigated different aspects of some of the world’s largest creatures, including their anatomy and evolution. National Geographic’s article ‘A Cubic Foot’ provided a useful insight into the overwhelming biodiversity of our planet. It proved just how much the smaller inhabitants of the world outnumber those that first catch the eye. I have also read books, such as ‘Of Wolves and Men’, on the relationship between man and wolf. This was particularly interesting as it developed the idea of animal conservation and revealed the prejudices that conservationists often face when reintroducing animals to the wild.

In March, I took part in a biology field trip to the Isle of Arran. Here I practised field skills such as quadrats and line transects, as well as interpreting collected data using different methods to reach conclusions about the area. I organised our team effectively and adapted our plans after listening to peoples’ ideas. I also had to work in difficult weather conditions which I coped with well: a key factor in future field work. I was fortunate to undertake work experience in the Rodent Toxicology department at Huntingdon Life Sciences where I was able to help with a number of tests and help look after the animals.

Here I recognised the value of working efficiently to achieve a collective goal. I also gained experience working at King’s Farm Kennels and a veterinary practice which improved my animal handling skills and interactions with animals. In January 2011, I will undertake work experience at Banham Zoo with the animal management department, which will give me an opportunity to investigate this side of conservation.

After being a volunteer at Clint Farm Riding School for just over 2 years, I was delighted to be offered paid work. This involves working with children for the majority of the time as well as meeting, greeting and taking bookings from clients and dealing with their concerns. I frequently escort hacks and am experienced in horse and stable management.

I have a qualification in first aid which involved learning how to deal with working under pressure. In addition, I recently took part in a year 12 maths challenge in a team with three other maths students. I have contributed to many school musical and drama events, play flute at a grade 5 level and have achieved grade 3 piano. I have also been a player of many sporting teams representing the school.

In the future I would like to pursue a PhD and possibly work in conservation overseas. It is becoming increasingly crucial to protect more and more species and I would consider myself to be very fortunate to play a part in this.

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