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Odp Personal Statement

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I always strive to help and care for people and I have tried to understand their needs. Therefore, career in the health field has always inspired me. I chose to applied for Operation Department Practitioner ,because in that role I see the way to looked after and support people in a moment of their life when they are much vulnerable, feel scared and anxious. Operation Department Practitioner is very challenging and a dedicating career, but I am ready for this challenge because the reward for the work I do is the gratitude in the eyes in the people I have looked after.

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Odp Personal Statement
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I understand how official is to build trust between people, but I believe that over the years during which I worked as a Health Care Assistance I have the satisfactory level of these skills and I can make a difference in people’s life. I also gain skills which I can put in practice during my course and training such as Infection Prevention and Control, Wound Management, Aseptic Techniques.

The Operation Department Practitioner play a vital role in the pert-operative care, which is divide on three important phases- anesthetic phase, surgical phase and recovery phase. For me Operation

Department Practitioners are the skeleton of every surgical ward, because they provide high standard of patient care and support with their broaden knowledge and skills to the other professionals in the team . Studying to be a Operation Department Practitioner is a great opportunity to develop my skills and to changed my future. I chose Operation Department Practitioner for the professional career, but for me studying and working as a Operation Department Practitioner is a way of life . Life which is my personal choice, which can make me happy and proud. I graduated from University in Bulgaria in Sociology in 2008.

The time spent there was an unforgettable experience for me. When I graduated I wanted to accomplish thousand of things and learn new skills. I wanted to broaden my horizons and to know the English way of life. I started an English course that was extremely interesting, fun and very useful for me. Completed the Access course gave me the chance to develop my academic skills. I studied various subjects that help me to learn new knowledge. Psychology was one of my favorite subjects, which helped me to understand human behavior, but also my self. Life science was my passion, I learned the amazing way our body works.

It is so incredible how different cells, microorganisms, organs and others are connected together and work together to form what we are. I found Core Skills as a very helpful subjects . 1 was constantly acquired new skills and develop them such as essay writing, referencing. Health Studies was the subject that I studied for the first time. It was very educational and it has helped me to broaden my knowledge of British Health Care System. CON English and CON Math’s were both very helpful for me to upgrade my knowledge. I have extensive experience in health care both in England and in my country

Bulgaria. I was 18 years old when I started to looked after my granddad who was because during this time I realized that I want to help people in need. At the moment I am Health Care Assistant in Rehabilitation Ward and I really adore my Job. We have variety of patients and they all have different background ,nursing and emotional needs. When I started to work in the I-J I realized that I have to use a similar set of skills which I learned during my experience in Bulgaria . But in the field where I work every day is a challenge and every day you learn something new.

I always looked after the patients like they are part of my family and they are receiving the best care. I will go the extra mile to make certain they remain happy and healthy . Furthermore communicate with family members on a regular basis to ensure they are provided with up to date information about their loved ones and are given the opportunity to consult with additional resources as necessary. As a part of a team work we fulfill their lives and through simple activities we respect their dignity. I am a sensitive person who is dedicated to work and family.

My way to escape from everyday stress is to do my favorite hobby painting. Overall I liked art and admire its creators. I also like to travel with my husband to different paces and looking at different cultures. I also enjoyed to listening the music and reading a books. I chose this career path way ,because I really enjoy helping and working with people and I want to dedicate my life to people in need. To conclude I want to use one thought of Albert Patty : “What we have done for ourselves in our lives, dies with us. What we have done for the others and world, remains forever.

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