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Ñharacterization of the Sumerian Society

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It relates to society in various ways which then are appreciated and valued by many. And I still think that performing arts are arts that are performed. Some forms of performing arts are music, drama, magic, and dance. These types of arts stray from paint and clay because the art itself is admired after it is complete. The arts that must be performed are admired in the process. Theatre to me is a collaborative art where many people come together and perform their role.

Some people are the actors, but others work behind the scenes to help make the acting a better show.

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Ñharacterization of the Sumerian Society
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Theatre is a branch of performing arts. So as a part of performing arts, theatre focuses on the individual performers and how they create a drama. Theatre combines the performing arts and visual arts to create a single artistic form. Some of the besides the actor roles include: stagecraft, stage manager, costume artist, make-up artist, and even artists and musicians.

I now know more about what tasks are included in these roles. I still like the set designer or architecture job the best. Anything that involves the actual building or creating of the set s the job for me.

I would find myself thoroughly enjoying being able to build sets even if don’t create them. What I like best about theatre is that a theatre performance is original and unique. No two are exactly alike because each performance is never exactly repeatable. I also like how in theatre, a stage becomes more like a lifestyle and the actors themselves become more like a community. And although I have never performed in a play or musical, I can understand the thrill of performing one. And how much effort it must take to be able to memorize all he songs or all the lines.

I would not ever be good at performing one, but I give much credit to those who do. I admire how the efforts will be paid off and how theatre is so impacting. Theatre is something that people perform because humans perform to entertain. They entertain themselves as well as the audience. Society seeks to be entertained and bases their decisions off whether they are going to get anything out of what they do. People like to perform to improve their skills at performing. The audience likes to see others’ talents, so they go see performances.

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Ñharacterization of the Sumerian Society. (2018, May 26). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/a-description-of-theater/

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