A Discussion on Whether Juveniles Should be Tried as Adults

Should juveniles be tried as adults? Several different reasons that juveniles are tried as adults. They could be tired in order to keep them out of hostile environments If juveniles were tried as adults, the fear or discipline of higher security facilities could encourage correct behavior. Children tried as adults could keep their violent natures from innocent families and other children protected from this harmful nature. An argument against juveniles to be tried as adults include that these children could develop social issues or continue their poor behavior because they do not know any better than violence. Violent juveniles should be tried as adults to protect innocent people One reason that children should be tried as adults, is to evacuate these children from harmful or hostile environments of which they live unden Juveniles exposed to harmful or hostile environments could be more likely to develop the same violent nature or acts that occur in these homes.

Schooling can also become affected by violence at home as stated, “The key difference is the lower score levels”, Similar to the idea that children use observational learning and mimic those adults of which they are exposed to. “The occurrence of psychological or nervous disorders was about 50% higher among students exposed to school violence than among other students,” suggesting that we can prevent disorders by getting children out of these environments If there parents are violent or do hard drugs, then those children would be more likely to participate in those same activities. Arresting someone and jail time is a standard way in trying to correct someone‘s behavior when they have done something wrong or bad. Juvenile detention facilities can be used as such, but adult jail time, may be the correct solution in behavior correction for some violent children.

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Jet describes juvenile as such, “Once these kids go through the juvenile system and get slapped on the wrist, basically they feel there are no consequences for their actions” Act such as murder or the harming of others should be ajail time sentence at most ages. The killing of one person should exhibit extreme consequences for ones actions, In jail, juveniles may be exposed to fear of the treatment that adults get in jail. This negative reinforcement of taking away privileges and freedom, cause violent acts to be conditioned in their minds that their actions where wrong and could possibly correct the behavior of harmful or violentjuveniles. Stephen mentions in his paper, “Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time” (Stephen 1), Human society is afraid of violence. Parents keep their children away from violent films and video games and other such content that may not be appropriate for their age.

This assumption is supported, as earlier mentioned that exposure to this sort of violence can cause children to mimic and copy what they see in movies and/or video games In an essay about how personality can correlate with violence in juveniles, the author writes, “Recently, the increasing number of children and adolescents involved in violent criminality has prompted great societal concern and scrutiny” (Clements 72), Most parents, would not like to see their child participating in violent acts or getting sent off to jail, so they would desire less exposure for their child to observe these sorts of actions Feld mentions that, “a judge is required to decide whether a youth is amenable to treatment or poses a threat to the public”

Tryingjuveniles as adults allows them to acquire longer sentences, this keeps them away from innocent families and hurts more or other people, if they turned to violence. There are valid arguments against the trying of juveniles as adults Many concerns for juveniles that are admitted into adult jail are that of their mental health. Will juveniles in jail be able to understand or deal with adults already there? Another point, is are children, with underdeveloped brains, able to understand what they even had done in the first place as wrong actions?  Will this kind of treatment in jail have negative consequences on the social and mental health of the child once they get out into the free world again?

One theory is that when children get out of the prison system, they do not know what to do with their lives because they do not know any better than to cause trouble. Asking the question again, is it just for juveniles to be tried as adults? There are people on both sides of the fence. Some would say that they are harmful and jeopardize society with their violence Should we incarcerate some children, so then they can be corrected in their negative behavior? Or will jail time allow them to be corrected, so that they can then move on and succeed in their future lives? Some more research may be needed in order to come to an exact conclusion for what solution is best for the violent youth and to what effects may occur to juveniles tried as adults.

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