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A Reason for Hope

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A Spiritual Journey was a truly inspiring story about a true legend. From the very beginning, Jane Goodall was a woman who had a dream and with the support of her mother and Louis Leakey she was able to live out all of the fantasies she had envisioned from an early age. Unlike most famous conversationalists, Jane grew up in a less than supportive family during a major world war. However, with the constant encouragement from her mother, Jane was able to make her dreams come true.

Her journey was one that everyone should be inspired by.

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A Reason for Hope
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Jane Goodall was born April 3, 1934. Naturally, Jane was a very curious young lady. She had always been fascinated by the habits of all the animal neighbors who happened to share her same vicinity. One of her most memorable stories was the one about the hen and the egg. When she was a little girl she understood that eggs came from hens, however she didn’t see how.

So, she decided that she would try to observe a chicken laying an egg. She quickly figures out that hens are easily startled if she wasn’t quiet enough. Her solution was to hide in the chicken coop until Jane was able to get a great view. Luckily, this was a perfect idea because she was able to witness how eggs are produced. Despite the families worrying while the young girl was gone all day, her mother warmly welcomed her home because she knew of her daughters desire to learn.

All the while Jane was growing up and discovering her passion, she was growing up surrounded by terrible circumstances. Jane and her family (living in England) were suddenly being encircled by harsh occurrences of the war. In this novel, Jane discusses her highly vivid memories of the war. One quote which said, “More and more often we would hear the drone of a German plane and the thunder of an exploding bomb.” Since Jane didn’t write this book as a young girl, it shows how deeply she was.

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