Is Death Penalty a Deterrent for Crime Offenders? Essay

Is death penalty a deterrent for crime offenders? Opinion. Death penalty is commonly being argued among each other if it is a right act upon a crime offender. However, there is a death penalty practising in many countries worldwide including Malaysia . Currently, many countries have completely abolished the death penalty and a number of countries do not use the capital punishment in practice. Usually capital crimes are reserved for murders, espionage, sexual crimes that include rape, sodomy and also incest. In many countries, drug trafficking and human trafficking is also a capital offence.

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Is Death Penalty a Deterrent for Crime Offenders?
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To say that death penalty do not deter or is ineffective, is false. Mostly, because plotted murders and kidnappings which lead to murders would be answered early on in the plotters mind by the simple fact that the crime they are considering yo committing would mean certain deathor punishments. Whereby, some may be too desperate to care, but there are others that would reconsider. In my opinion, a death penalty, also known as capital punishment does, in fact, save lives.

Common sense, it tells us that the death penalty will deter murder, if anything does not.

People fear nothing more than death itself. Therefore, nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death. This is because, death is final. It ends everything that we could be, or do. But where there is life there is hope. Wherefore, life in prison is less feared for the offenders because at the end, they might escape or be freed from prison. Murderers clearly prefer it to execution. Otherwise, they would not try to be sentenced to life in prison instead of death. Therefore, a life sentence must be less deterrent than a death sentence.

If murderers are sentenced to death and executed, potential murderers will think twice before killing for fear of losing their own life. We could put it in this way, if every murderer who killed someone died instantly, the homicide rate would be very low because no one likes to die. There are researchers found that murder rates in neighbouring states with and without the death penalty has a difference. They also found that homicide rates in states did decrease after the abolishment of the death penalty. This is because; most people have a natural fear of death.

It is trait men have to think about what will happen before we act. Finally, the death penalty certainly “deters” the murderer who is executed. Strictly speaking, this is a form of incapacitation, similar to the way a robber put in prison is prevented from robbing on the streets. However, a death penalty is proven to be more effective in deterring offenders in offending and committing crimes. Vicious murderers must be killed to prevent them from murdering again. As a deterrent and as a form of permanent incapacitation, the death penalty helps the prevention of future crime.

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