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A True Story About Alex Libby Bullying

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    Alex Libby is an awesome guy. He has special needs. He gets bullied a lot at school mostly on the bus. The bullies called him “fishface” and the bullies would always try to threaten to kill him and break his bones. A teen activist is a teen who has to find ways to spread the word to kids or help them. They make the world a better place. They take courage and time to help people in need or who need it. Alex was a teen activist and I’m gonna tell you a little more about bullying in the next paragraph.

    More about bullying. Bullying is a word almost every kid dreads. Statistics show in 2011 that 60% of middle school students say that they’ve been bullied. Most bullying can happen on the bus because there aren’t many people to stop the bullies. People help kids stop bullying so they can stay happy and motivated. For instance, a girl in middle school named Emily Anne was bullied so she had to switch schools because they were bullying her. At her new school she made new friends and it boosted her confidence to be more happy then how she used to be at her old school. Now she feels welcomed. this is a picture of Emily-Anne she used to get bullied at her old school but now she made a lot of friends and it boosted her confidence at her new school.

    You always need to tell a trusted adult right away when someone is bullying you. Also, if you tell someone you’re not being a tattle-tale you‘re just telling the truth so stuff can get solved. There are numerous ways to prevent bullying. Did you know 71% of teachers said they have intervened in a bullying incident. People that get bullied don’t always want to go to school the next day cause they are probably scared if they would get made fun of again. You always wanna see people happy or joyful not sad or down.


    Alex Libby has hard times in middle school and he’s pursaverenced through it all i think they both have a connection like teen activist help kids. In need like they can help out Alex Libby and they help kids in need or make them happy. Also people may not know your cause is important no way of spreading the news. Oh also if you see a teen activist be supportive and not an obstacle. You have to be strong and and powerful to have good way to success.

    People that bully you are just trying to be mean and they don’t really understand how much trouble they will get into. They really just want to make people sad and mad and try to impress there friends but bullying is not ok. Why its not ok is because people always are scared if they get bullied and try not to cry because they think they would get made fun of. Also they are scared to tell a teacher because if they people who bullied that person would get mad at them. But never listen to the bullies. They are the ones lying and your the ones telling the truth.

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