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Abigail In The Crucible Act 1

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, Research Paper

Within the Crucible, there lies a complex narrative affecting the

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Abigail In The Crucible Act 1
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histories and occurrences environing the 1692 Salem enchantress tests

in Salem, Massachusetts. Act 1 of the Crucible sets up the

flowering of events which lead to hex accusals and increasing

superstitious notion among the Puritan community.

The Crucible reveals

the intriguing and malicious character of Abigail Williams to be a

manipulative and unembarrassed prevaricator, who possesses the singular

quality of ego saving even among what seem to be

unsurmountable odds. The character of Abigail Williams

demonstrates tyrannizing behaviour throughout the act in such

events as Abigail & # 8217 ; s endangering the misss to stay soundless sing

events in the wood, Abigail & # 8217 ; s efforts of scoring John Proctor,

and the perennial unsubstaincle accusals of Abigail placed on

people within the Puritan community.

Throughout the community, word of the supposed

& # 8220 ; witchery & # 8221 ; begins to leak out under the immediate concern of

Rev. Parris. Rev. Parris fears that the incident could defile his

repute among the other Puritans.

As a consequence, Rev. Parris

continually interrogates Abigail with the purpose of acquiring what he

feels is the truth. Abigail continually acts guiltless in order to

extinguish the intuition of Rev. Parris. To maintain the incident a

secret, Abigail threatens the misss involved in the incident, so that

they will non speak. More specifically, she threatens the misss with

decease by her custodies. Her logic for this is rather clear, she wants to

be cleared of all intuition, and by seting fright into the misss, she

feels that this is a adequately complete. As a consequence, Abagails

tatics of use maintain her from having rough persecution

and accusals.

Another act of tyrannizing behaviour on portion of

Abigail is her perennial attempted seducing of Mr. Proctor.

Abigail & # 8217 ; s grounds for this are non rather clear, but one could

conclude that it is purposed for the ground of dividing Mr.

monitor from his married woman Elizabeth Proctor and take her topographic point as his

married woman. It seems as though Abigail and Mr. Proctor had old

confidant dealingss, and Abigail & # 8217 ; s seducing of Mr. Proctor is an

effort to rehash this past relationship. It is for obvious grounds

utmost megalomania that Abigail takes this class of action.

Last, Abigail show herself to be an even more

arch character by impeaching Tituba of Witchcraft, and

incorrect making. Tituba in bend is held in intuition of being a enchantress

and is threatened with the pickings of her life if she refuses to speak

about her supposed engagement with the Satan. Tituba reluctantly

gives in to the accusals after the realisation that it was necessary

in order to salvage her life. This action on portion of Abigail helps switch

incrimination and intuition from herself entirely to that of Tituba. Tituba

invents lies and sends the witchery fright farther into a sense of fright

for the Puritan community. This incident is a graphic illustration one of

Abigail & # 8217 ; s most singular character properties, her ability to

manipulate those around her as she sees fit. The false accusals

of Abigail confirm her character as being domineering and

untruthful at the disbursal of others.

Abigail emerges from act 1 of the Crucible as an

evil-spirited, manipulative immature miss. The indurate behaviour of

Abigail most likely root from her childhood. She observed her

parents being murdered by American indians at a immature age and was

orphaned as a consequence. No affair the ground for her violent nature,

Act 1 clearly defines Abigail as a individual set on oppressing those

who oppose her. Abigail & # 8217 ; s tyrannizing Acts of the Apostless of endangering the

other misss with decease for speaking of the events in the wood,

seducing of John Proctor, and her false accusals of witchery

service as significant ground for sorting Abigail as such an immorality

individual. To reason, Abigail Williams arrives in Act 1 as one of

the most complex and challenging characters of the Crucible.


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