Adolf Hitler Biography

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Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn, a small village in Austria. His birthplace is also Braunau-am-Inn.

Despite being born as a sickly child, young Klara Hitler’s mother, Klara, tirelessly cared for him around the clock.

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Adolf was raised by his short-tempered father, Alois. He developed into a boy with a thin physique, dark hair, and blue eyes.

Hitler displayed a twisted 63 angular face. He began school at 6 years old and demonstrated remarkable academic success.

Adolf’s classes kept him busy, but outside of school he had a lot of energy and many friends. His home life was also important to him.

He was not very happy since his father ran the household similar to a military boot camp while both were present.

Adolf was forbidden from speaking without permission, just like everyone else in the room. The initial indications of Adolf’s aggression were observed.

At the age of 7, Adolf faced his oppressive father and suffered brutal beatings as a result.

Hitler’s enrollment in a secondary school at the age of 11 in the year 1900 was disastrous for him.

According to Hitler, the school observed a decline in Adolf’s grades in all subjects except for drawing.

In his book Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals that he deliberately failed his classes as an act of rebellion, discussing this aspect of his academic performance.

During Hitler’s high school years, he had animosity towards his father and actively worked against any ambitions his father had for him, as stated by Bullock (8).

He had to leave school due to a severe lung infection.

Hitler submitted an application to the Vienna Academy of Arts after he regained his health, hoping to pursue a career in painting.

Despite passing the admission test, Hitler chose to submit a watercolor painting as his art piece.

Adolf was rejected from the academy and felt no disappointment, although, Hitler was more

He was deeply concerned about his mother Klara who was dying and whom he loved dearly, as she was suffering from breast cancer.

Hitler’s mother, who had cancer, passed away in December 1907, causing him immense grief.

The family physician stated that Adolf Hitler was the most grief-stricken person he had ever seen (Twisted 71).

In spite of his previous rejection, Hitler’s determination to pursue his passion for art led him to reapply to the art academy. Sadly, he experienced a different result this time.

After failing the preliminary exam, Hitler experienced overwhelming sadness and disbelief.

Desperate to earn money, Hitler joined the German Army and began attending meetings.

Being a member of the Nazi party greatly influenced Hitler’s life.

The scrutiny of Hitler is based on his power-demanding personality, which is evident in his name.

Many experiences in his childhood may have altered and possibly turned the once playful.

From a young age, he transformed into a tyrannical leader of the Nazi party.

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