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Advertisement of Apple Inc.

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Advertisement of Apple Inc.

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Advertisement of Apple Inc.
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Apple Inc. has penetrated the market in the era of the world’s post modernization, introducing new gadgets that have become symbols of society’s advancement in terms of technology. Macintosh became known in the market during the nineteenth century and immediately gained revenue for its first released computer products. Apple Inc. has succeeded in persuading the customers to buy the products through its persuasive approach to the public.

The first television commercial for Macintosh was released in 1984, giving millions of viewers information about the new product of Apple Inc. The concept of the first television advertising of Macintosh was to create awareness for the audience and make a strong brand recall at the same time. This futuristic approach of advertisement had somehow appeared to be strange to the viewers because rare products use the same style of promotion (Friedman 1997). Apple Inc aimed to depict individual liberation by using the newly released product in the market. Macintosh had undeniably won the customers’ awareness and easily gained profits with the help of different style of publicity.

Apparently, Apple enticed the audience by concealing the product on the first advertisement that was made for Macintosh. The curiosity of the audience helped the company to penetrate the market easily. The concept of the advertisement definitely made a strong impact to the audience which made the product easier to be sold to its potential target market. In other words, the strange advertisement helped the Apple to succeed on its neophyte product (McCarthy 2009).

After airing the television advertisement during the Super Bowl, brochures of the Macintosh followed. In the advertisements, Apple portrays the product as the alternative to unreliable personal computers and the answer to the problems of people in terms of business transactions. Apple Inc. even used some prominent celebrities to promote the product to the public. Many slogans have been conceptualized to persuade the customers to look and listen to what the product can offer to them. As the company develops new campaign, more newly designed Macintosh are being introduced and sold in the market. The “Think Different” slogan of Mac allowed the potential customers to buy new Macintosh models with new product features and attributes (Kerin et. al. 2003).

Aside from the marketing communication channels used by the company, Macintosh even gained recognition from the customers because of its price promotion which serves as one of the strategies of Apple Inc. to be able to get ahead of the competition. The company offers the product in a discounted price to the retailers in order to give way to the new models and designs that will be released by the company (Luecke 2006: 137).

Year 1984 was the start of the good fortune for Apple Inc. As such, Macintosh became known as the best selling computer company and was able to develop more designs in order to deliver the best computers to its customers. The public anticipated for the release of Macintosh after the futuristic and strange advertisement during the Super Bowl. However, the company continued its intense advertising for the product after it was launched in the market. More television advertisements, publicity, and press releases were done in order to give the target market information and updates about Macintosh (Rose 1990).

Apple Inc has gained the customers’ awareness and recognition because of its well developed concepts and advertisements for its products. The style of advertisements that are being released by the company showed Apple’s capability of developing excellent products and marketing concepts at the same time. Today, Apple is known as one of the companies with the largest revenues because of the gadgets that the company has released to different countries all over the world. Macintosh had definitely made a strong brand recall to the public because of the style of promotion that was applied by the company.

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