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African American History

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    Chapter 3 Review Questions

    1. Based on your reading of this chapter, do you believe racial prejudice among British settlers in the Chesapeake led them to enslave Africans? Or did the unfree condition of the first Africans to arrive at Jamestown lead to racial prejudice among settlers?

    The British settlers in the Chesapeake intentionally didn’t mean to have slavery but it happened because of laws that deprived blacks of basic rights. When black people came to Virginia they were given the same contract given to white peoples servants. The contract basically stated that Africans had to work for their master up until their amount of worked came up to the price they were sold for. Once they were done they were set free.

    2. Why did vestiges of African culture survive in British North America? Did these vestiges help or hinder North Americans in dealing with enslavement?

    Africans did not make the choice to leave their country they were definitely taken away from it, I like how even though they were not in their surroundings the still held on to their culture and traditions. These vestiges helped African Americans deal with slavery because it allowed them to have something of their own and not only living under their master’s power.

    3. Compare and contrast eighteenth century slavery as it existed in the Chesapeake, in the low country of South Carolina and Georgia, and in the northern colonies?

    The northern region was different in a lot of ways in slavery. It didn’t have a staple crop, and it had a large number of white laborers and they had a large economy not based only on slaves. And in the north white people did not believe the black population was such a threat . Unlike the south slaves holding on to their heritage was very slim due to the fact there wasn’t much of them and they had closer relationships with their masters.

    4. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the black families in the eighteen century?

    Although majority of them were split up before they got on slave ships or they were sold differently. When the young men would escape they would look for refuge from different relatives who lived in different towns from them. Their only weakness was that they were separated from each other but whenever the reconnected they looked out for each other.

    5.How did enslaved African Americans preserve a sense of their own humanity They still held on to their tradition, at one point in the beginning they were not allowed to practice Christianity so they had their own religion. They started to create traditions with marriage and their music that the engaged in although their situation was very rough they had each other and song spiritual music that kept them up. I believe that was the only thing that kept many of them going was their tradition

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