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Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet

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When Romeo enters the tomb and sees Juliet pale body he quickly runs over to her and starts crying. As he cries over Juliet body the dripping tears from his face fell on Juliet face and caused her to open her eyes. Romeos tears of sadness quickly turn into tears of joy. Juliet wiped the tears from Romeos face he hugged her tightly lifted her up and started walking . As the two exited the tomb they were met by the presents of a emotional Paris.

When he sees Juliet in Romeos hands the expression on his face quickly turns to anger.

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Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet
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Paris hoots “what trickery is this” draws his sword and points it at Romeo and Juliet. As Paris charged towards Romeo and Juliet with his sword Friar Laurence jumps out of the bush and blocks Parries attack using a pickax he then lunges at Paris and thrusts the weapon threw his chest. Paris stumbles back and shouts “murderer who would have thought were a murderer”.

Romeo grabs Laurence and says “come make your escape with us before its to late” Friar refuses and says “hurry and be free before anyone comes ill be k”.

Romeo and Juliet thank him for saving their lives and disappears into the rankness. Friar Laurence turns to the half alive Paris and strikes him in the head with the pickax. Blood starts gushing out of Parries head and covers Friar Laurence he drops to his knees starts crying and praying. Heathen made a small fire and threw it into the tomb A wondering woman walked threw the bushes and saw Parries dead body. She screams at the top of her lungs. A group of nearby villagers burst threw the bushes to find the woman, Friar Laurence and Parries dead body.

The prince arrived shortly and was shocked at the horrific sight. After carefully analyzing the crime scene the prince arrested Friar Laurence and declared a public trial. The next day, at noon the prince brought Friar Laurence, the Montague and Capsules into the center of town to begin the trial. During Friar Laurence explaining of what happened he told everyone that Romeo and Juliet died in the tomb fire that he made. After hearing what this confession the prince sentenced Friar Laurence to death. Both families vowed to never fight again and Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after.

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