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Romeo and Juliet – Alternate Ending

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(Romeo rushes into the Capulet Tomb and finds Paris. He and Paris will fight and Paris Dies… Then Romeo will find Juliet laying there in her grave.. ) Instead of Romeo weeping for 20 minutes then killing himself, he will arrive there a few moments before she wakes up. Romeo will stare at her for a moment, and notice Juliet moving. Then he will realize that she is alive and he will thank god for not letting her die. Then Juliet will sit up and they will kiss.

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Romeo and Juliet – Alternate Ending
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After a few minutes, Juliet will jolt up and look at Romeo, remembering the plan that the friar had discussed. She will then ask him about the letter that the Friar sent. Romeo will have no idea of course what she is talking about. So Juliet looks down in confusion and will say something that will shocks Romeo. She will say that no matter what she will always love him, but they will never live happily ever after… their families will always be fighting, so therefore they will never be safe.

She will then suggest that they die together, happy. Romeo, after a few minutes of protest, will look in his hand at the poison he got from the apothecary and stare at it for a moment, then at Juliet. Juliet will look at the vial too and look at Romeo. She will ask him what it is and he will tell her it is a poison he got from the apothecary when he heard that she was dead. He will also tell her that he planned to kill himself in order to be with her if she really was dead.

She will take the vial from Romeo and say ‘this is it my love, its what we must do to be happy’ Or something like that. Then they and her will kiss and hug again, and Juliet will drink the first half of the poison. Then Romeo, hesitating a bit, will look at Juliet once more and drink his half. They will look at each other weakly and murmur a few last words to each other before weakly laying their heads against each others. After the tragic deaths of the two lovers, the Friar will rush in to see the two of them dead…

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