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Alton Towers strives to appeal to a wide range of customers, encompassing both boys and girls, through its array of enjoyable rides. The primary target audience for this amusement park is families since children may lack the means or capability to journey to Alton Towers on their own or fund their visit. Consequently, the park focuses on attracting parents who will assume responsibility for the financial aspect of the excursion.

The target market for Alton Towers mainly consists of thrill seekers aged 16-60+. These individuals are seeking an exciting experience and enjoy the largest, fastest, and most terrifying rides. Alton Towers specifically targets this demographic as they often visit in groups, similar to families. The marketing team at Alton Towers must ensure that new rides appeal to all ages, including thrill seekers, families, men, and women. In cases where the new rides are designed for young children, the focus would shift to targeting families.

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Alton Towers targets specific individuals based on their preferences for thrilling or more relaxed rides. They achieve this by providing a variety of attractions suitable for everyone. One example is the ride called ‘oblivion’, which caters to thrill seekers with its high speed and exhilarating experience. The park attracts numerous customers who visit regularly, some of whom choose to stay overnight in the hotel, another service provided by Alton Towers.

Alton towers aims to provide an unforgettable experience for all its customers. They offer various amenities to cater to different preferences. For those seeking relaxation, there are spa treatments available. For those desiring an exhilarating day, there is a water park with thrilling slides. The main attraction, of course, is the theme park. Additionally, there is a conference center for business discussions. Alton towers continuously strives to improve and seeks feedback from visitors. Each car in the car park receives a questionnaire to assess their visit and gather suggestions for further enhancement.

Alton Towers showcased their advertising expertise by effectively promoting the debut of ‘THIRTEEN’ in 2010. This ride captivated audiences not only within the UK but also worldwide. Instead of solely relying on their own marketing efforts, Alton Towers cleverly engaged their customers to help spread awareness. By strategically placing a concise advertisement in a local newspaper, they ensured that anyone who came across it would be informed about the thrilling new ride being developed at Alton Towers.

Upon discovering something of interest, the initial inclination is to share it with friends or publicize it on social media. The information quickly circulated, reaching a wide audience who became aware of the thrilling new attraction. People from all over the UK and even beyond eagerly anticipated experiencing this exhilarating ride. Despite Alton Towers incurring a substantial cost of £15,000,000, enthusiasts remained unconcerned about the expense as they were confident that this innovative free fall roller-coaster would be immensely popular and generate significant returns on investment.

The reason Alton Towers utilizes marketing segments is to determine their target audience and create an optimal experience for them. When targeting youths, they design fast rides with loops or spirals to provide an exhilarating experience. However, for younger children, they offer slower and age-appropriate attractions such as the log flume and sonic spitball, which still feel exciting to them. This is the strategy Alton Towers has implemented to cater to various age groups.

Alton Towers recognizes that the addition of new rides and attractions attracts a wider range of customers. By continuously introducing new experiences, the resort is able to attract more potential visitors. The availability of a variety of rides and facilities encourages customers to become regular visitors. However, it is important to note that Alton Towers already offers an impressive selection of amazing rides and activities, which is why it is a popular destination for families and tourists.

Task two: Now I will discuss how Alton Towers can attract more customers by introducing a new futuristic ride for thrill seekers. I will formulate a new marketing mix for this ride, taking into account the key market segments. My decision is to focus on a ride that offers a unique experience, different from the traditional spirals and loops found in other rides at Alton Towers. I aim to develop a ride that incorporates speed, loops, and spirals, creating a sensation of G-force similar to Nemesis but enhanced and with a slight variation.

The reason I am targeting thrill seekers is because I believe this is what will astonish them when it comes to an exciting ride. The marketing mix, which is a combination of the four Up’s (product, price, promotion, and place), is crucial to consider when designing a new ride or facilities. This approach demonstrates to your customers what the product or service entails. Moreover, you must effectively advertise it and inform them about what they would be missing out on.

The new high-tech futuristic ride called ‘EROS’ promises an intense and thrilling experience for thrill seekers. It incorporates all the elements desired in a ride, making it a must-try for those who seek an Alton Towers-like experience. Be one of the first to try out this incredible ride!

Alton Towers has made an agreement with the local council to ensure that their ride does not exceed the height of the surrounding trees. However, this does not mean that the ride is small, as it actually takes up a significant amount of space. The ride will look like a modern shuttle and will be adorned with LED lights and other advanced features that are rarely seen. When you have the safety barrier placed over your head, you will also receive a futuristic mask so that you can experience all the unexpected space-like elements of the ride.

Experience the incredible force of g-force on this ride, which will make you feel glued to your seat. The high speed of the ride will leave you unsuspecting of the spirals ahead. Riders often exclaim “wow!” upon disembarking from this thrilling experience. With multiple settings, each ride guarantees a unique adventure. Donning a mask over your head adds an extra element, offering different visuals and making every ride feel like an entirely new journey. Price:

The ride at Alton Towers will not require any additional cost compared to the usual charges at the theme park. This means that customers can enjoy a new experience for the same price as other rides. Alton Towers may offer special promotions and family discounts to entice more visitors. For instance, if a family of 4 visits, they could receive 1 fast track ticket to the front of ‘EROS’. The ride is expected to attract visitors from all around. To attract a greater number of customers, Alton Towers could offer various deals.

If the ride is promoted effectively and becomes popular, resulting in an overall increase in daily customers, the entrance fee may be raised. This can present greater marketing possibilities for Alton Towers, allowing them to include the ride’s name in their advertising and attract more visitors to the park. As a result, revenue will increase. In terms of promotion, it is essential to gradually inform customers about the ride instead of revealing all at once. Teasing the target audience beforehand will help generate word-of-mouth publicity.

Within the resort, subtle hints will be scattered, such as a poster with a futuristic background, serving as small clues. A mix of TV, radio, digital, and press communications will ensure that customers are informed about the ride. Alton Towers takes pleasure in teasing the audience, generating excitement and eager anticipation for the experience. TV advertisements for the ride will be strategically placed after programs favored by young adults, tapping into the extensive reach of social media to spread the word.

Place: The ride will be located at the resort in a new area with ample space. This will create the illusion that it is the largest ride and give it a sense of urgency. To achieve this, other rides should not be placed directly next to it, and the logo should be prominently visible. The goal is for visitors to feel a spine-tingling thrill when they see it, creating a buzz. Additionally, space will be needed to accommodate queues once the ride is opened. Effective advertising will result in large crowds, which is beneficial as more people riding the attraction leads to a better customer experience.

The target audience for this ride consists of thrill seekers who crave the adrenaline rush of intense, high-speed amusement park attractions. The way the ride is advertised will have a significant impact on how thrill seekers react; if it is portrayed as a fast, extreme experience that surpasses the level of fun provided by smaller roller coasters, the target market will be guaranteed to love it. Age is not a determining factor when it comes to thrill seekers, as anyone who enjoys thrilling rides and seeks new experiences of excitement and fun is welcome. Similarly, gender does not play a role, as both boys and girls enjoy amusement park rides equally.

The ride will target individuals of any age who meet the height requirement and are brave enough to experience its intense nature. All advertising efforts will be directed towards thrill seekers, specifically those who are exhilarated by rides. The ride’s logo will aim to provoke thrill seekers, creating an impression that the new attraction will challenge and push their limits. The focus of the ride will primarily be on individuals seeking excitement, rather than catering to families or a broad audience. It will particularly appeal to teenagers and those who visit the park specifically to try out new rides, ensuring they have the most exhilarating day possible.

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