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Major Problems In American Colonial History

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    There are many events that led the 13 colonies from a newly independent country to a transcontinental nation and many reasons how and why the US became stronger after its independence. The CSS benefited from its independence and this build a stronger nation. There were many economic improvements that helped the United States. The National bank benefited the US because it helped manufactures and helped raise money for the nation. The Industrial Revolution helped us by giving people more jobs and there was more money for companies and businesses.

    This also created jobs for women which would help families with extra income and gave women some independence. The War of 1812 was started because of the impressments by Great Britain. The started capturing American Seamen for service in their navy. The Treaty of Ghent was signed by the British and the Americans on December 24, 1814, after several failed negotiations. This ended hostilities and Americans believed they had won. The war of 1812 was meaningful because it gave the United States self-confidence and belief that hey can defend their nation.

    The called this the “Era of Good Feelings” because American felt united as a nation. The Westward Expansion is one of the important things of the 1 9th century. The Louisiana Purchase was land purchased from the French Government. This land doubled the size of the United States and it was purchased for 15 million dollar. The Mexican American war which was started in 1846 by James Polk. He claimed that the Mexican army invaded CSS grounds which was not true. The importance of his war is that it gained the US California and New Mexico.

    The Texas Revolution was also known as the Texas War of Independence. Texas broke away from Mexico and became in independent state. Texas became the 28th state on December 29, 1845. Many things contributed to the strength and independence of the United States. Because of these things the US had self- confidence and beliefs that we are united and can take care of its people and fight its own battles. All of these things make the United States what it is today.

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