An Adorable Personality

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If your personality attracts others to be as you-you are an ideal personality. Think!!! Everybody wants to be an ideal person. Everybody wants to be admired. Everybody wants to be adorable. The man in the date of today has a great attitude. Everyone thinks he is superior to other. Everyone thinks that they are perfect but the rule of nature states that no one is perfect. Everybody has specific height of attitude. Everybody wants to be praised by others. But to be praised-one must have such qualities and features of character that makes him an ideal person.

Now if I am not guessing wrong; right now you might be looking for such idealistic characteristics in your own color. Here I will introduce you to an ideal personality. Don’t get too much excited. Wait!!! Here comes me. I am going to introduce you to myself. Take an overlook of my personality, read about me; try to focus on my character-you’ll surely read it again and resultantly you’ll be my fan. I bet it!!!

God has not bestowed man with such wisdom and vision that they can look through ones character. It is incorrect that one may judge someone’s personality in just one meeting but to some extent its true. Until n unless you pass some time with them; until n unless you totally become aware of their habits; their thoughts; their emotions-how can you declare them as good?

how can you declare them as bad? Who has given you the right to declare others as good or bad by yourself? Neither Quran nor the Prophet (S.A.W.) then is there need to argue in this regard?

Like many; same is the case with me. Many people came in life; met me; became friends. Some of them did the same foolish thing. They didn’t try to use their common senses and lost me. But the people who tried to understand me are still very good friends of mine. They like me, can’t live without me and.

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