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An Unusual Person

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My sixteen year old brother, Ranny, definitely stands out in a crowd of teenagers because of his unique appearance loving and caring ways. The very first thing that you notice when you look at him is his size. He stands at shoulder height next to me; indeed, he is taller than teenagers his age, and is definitely stronger and of course taller than me. His weight is a heavy as 210 lbs; without a hesitation.

He recently signed up for the football team, where he was told: ‘’ you have to be careful, because you might unintentionally hurt the other footballers smaller than your size.

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An Unusual Person
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’’ What is also amazing is his spiky dark hair; it is thick, course to touch, and styled in an outdated boy cut. Most persons can’t pass near Ranny without rubbing his big head and saying ‘’ what kind of hair is that boy? ’’. Ranny’s plump face is fair, with some spots lightly dotting his remarkably male features.

His eyes are grey, and his eyebrows black and thick.

His lips are full, and his extra white teeth, which appear when he smiles have a wide gap in the middle. His shoulders are very broad, his chest juts out, and his belly is plump. His forearms are bulky and look powerful, yet his wrists retain the same creases he has since he was an eleven pound new born. When we hold hands, his hands feel nearly as large as mine, and between his fingers are very soft. His legs are powerful and strong, and his knees are covered with scares from riding bikes and climbing big trees.

His ankles are so rock-solid; consequently he can’t certain shoes. His feet are size 12 and wide, sometimes I think that he won’t get a shoe to fit him. Despite his appearance, Ranny is surprisingly sensitive, loving and caring. He is indeed a gentleman, tends to his little nephew, and helps my mother around the house. From his head to toe he is a bit confusing; although he is only sixteen years old, he is big and strong, while loving and gentle, and that makes him stand out from other teenagers.

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