Analysis of McDonald’s Essay

Q1 - Analysis of McDonald’s Essay introduction. Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy (GMS). In particular, how does McDonald’s approach the issue of standardization? Answer: The popularity of American-style food such as hamburger, fries, coke is growing around the world. Also, the restaurants in foreign countries want to borrow McDonald’s brand power to get more profit and customer wants to taste US fast food. However In many countries, main items are adapted according to the customs and tastes of individual countries. For example, most Indian is forbidden eating beef for Hinduism.

So McDonald changes their ingredient and recipe. If you visit to McDonald in India, you can have potato patty in burger. McDonald offers good example of standardization. Q2. Do you think government officials in developing countries such as Russia, China and India, welcome McDonald’s? Do customers in these countries welcome McDonald’s? Why or why not? Answer: Despite concern by governments and citizens in some countries about “Cultural Imperialism” (called McDonaldization), McDonald’s is generally welcome by these countries.

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According to this text, McDonald’s is supplied most ingredient except potato from local agricultural industry. So these countries make more jobs and profits indirectly. Also they want McDonald’s to make more jobs and the restaurants in these countries want make more profit by McDonald’s brand name. Also McDonald’s can provide well-done business system such as employee training and business know-how. Q3. Why do anti globalization protesters around the world frequently target McDonald’s? Answer: Even though McDonald’s build a good GMS and localization, they are targeted by anti globalization protesters.

Sometimes they misunderstand for local cultures. So they make a reflection from local communities. Example for central Europe, according to manager of human resources, following their manual guide for service is made trouble with their customer who feels bad for serving. Not only misunderstanding local culture, but also maintaining the service attitude that was built on American’s way of thinking. This attitude is caused displeasure for local countries customer. Some extreme anti globalization protesters think that this attitude concerned about U. S Cultural Imperialism.

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