Ancient Chinese History Essay

In the history of the world there has been many important inventions, Ancient Chinese were great inventors. This essay will point out some of the great inventions that Chinese culture introduced to the world. The impact that these inventions have made in our day to day lives and how without these inventions the world would have not enhanced and progress the way it has. These are eight inventions that Chinese has contributed to the world and their usefulness. 1. Paper Paper is one of the utmost inventions of the Chinese culture.

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This invention has been trace to the Chinese culture around AD 105, when Cai Lun, an official attached to the Imperial court during the Han Dynasty, created as sheet of paper using mulberry and other bast fibres along with fishnet, old rags and hemp waste. 2. Printing The Chinese produced the world’s first print culture; they discovered the means of communications. According to an article in the Minnesota-China Connection, 2005 “By 593 A. D. , the first printing press was invented in China, the first printed newspaper was available in Beijing in 700 A. D. and it was a woodblock printing. The Diamond Sutra, the earliest known complete woodblock printed book with illustrations printed in 868 A. D” (par. 8). 3. Compass The Chinese find out that a loadstone was attracted to iron, and with this theory the first compass was developed. Its creation can be trace around AD1-100, initially used as a planning tool to help the Chinese construct their houses in a very specific way and direction. Later on this invention became one of the most useful tools, used in planes, boats, and to help people find their ways in the wilderness.

It is also used in the military for the militants to find the direction of where they need to go. Chinese culture has contributed the world with many great inventions, including the Four Great Inventions of Ancient Chinese which are paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing. These inventions have led the path for new coming inventions to be invented for global use. First, the paper is one of the utmost significant inventions of the Chinese culture. It has helped the world to record historical events for generations.

Before this great invention it is known that the source of recording events was made on turtle shell, from animal bones and bamboo slips. This great tool of invention can be traced back to the Chinese civilization prior to the first century. The invention of the paper has helped the world enhance their cultures and share many different great stories and events. Other inventions that came from the paper that has become of great importance to the world are: * Toilet paper – trace back to the 6th century A. D. , in early medieval China * Paper currency – was first introduced by the Chinese around 800 BC.

This has helped the world to be able to trade goods and services. The second important invention is the compass. This tool allowed the Chinese to plot a route and travel around. It also enable them to travel the seas given them the opportunity to get to places in less time. The compass uses the Earth’s magnetic field to point its needle north; so that way the traveler always knows which direction he is headed. Today in society, many people use the compass to get a sense of direction, to know where they are headed.

It’s used in cars, airplanes, helicopters, ships, and in a lot of modern devices. The third important Chinese invention is printing; this invention is a key element of the Chinese civilization. Woodblock printing came after the block printing technique which is traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Printing has become very useful in the world; it has enriched the world education system because without this invention books would not be able to be share in a vast production. Our great artist would have not been able to share their thoughts and music throughout the world.

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