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  1. Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan- “Influence of sea power upon history” stated that control of seas leads to world dominance, stimulated the naval race among nations, enhanced american navy.
  2. James G. Blaine- secretary of state, wanted to ally American and Latin American, “Big sister” policy, hemispheric relations. wanted to open ports in south america to merican traders.
  3. diplomatic crises- germany vs. US OVER SAMOAN islands. canada vs. US over seal clubbing. lynching of eleven italians in new orleans.
  4. Venezuelan dispute- dispute with venezuela and british over borders. americans put ships there to show their muscle. 8: Kaiser Wilhem III- leader of germany, challnged british navy.
  5. Great Rapprochement- reconciliation between US and GB
  6. Hawaii- a place were a lot of sugar plantation people went in search for new land to farm on. We kinda’ just went in there and slowly acted out in their government and slowly but surely took it over. Also many natives died due to diseases the white man brought.
  7. Queen Luliuokani- She was the last monarch leader of Hawaii. She had power when Americans started to come in but she lost it as their numbers increased and they started demanding more stuff. The group that over threw her was known as “Committee of Safety”. They wanted to overthrow her to annex Hawaii to the USA.
  8. “Butcher” Weyler- He was the man sent by Spain to take control and set order in Cuba; treated the Cubans very poorly, and even sent them into concentration camps.
  9. “yellow journalism”- most notably used when the US ship exploded. They made it look like the Spanish army attacked an American vessel, while in reality the engine exploded. This in turn angered the US people and ultimately resulted in the US entering the war.
  10. Maine Incident- So first of all, Americans saw Cuba’s war like America’s revolutionary war, and loved it! So they sent the USS Maine to help out, but when it got there, it exploded from an engine error. Due to yellow journalism, the people thought Spain attacked it and got angry and then ultimately joined in on the war.
  11. “Wobblie Willie McKinley- McKinley was the president in this time period, and he was kinda’ made fun of by US people. Everyone saw him as a “soft” president who was very timid. But when another country started to make fun of him, US citizens got angry and acted hostile toward them.
  12. Commodore George Dewey- He was the captain of the ship during the Battle of Manila Bay. It was also the “flag carrying ship”. Its first major battle was in the Philippines and it had a very triumphant career.
  13. Emilio Aguinaldo- He was a Filipino general. He played an big part in Philippine independence during the Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Philippine-American War that fought against American occupation. He eventually pledged his allegiance to the US government.
  14. invasion of Cuba- Washington sent useless ships for morale support after Admiral Cervera ordered warships to cuba. Americans were unprepared for war.
  15. Rough Riders- volunteer servicemen, “short on discipline but long on dash”, ex-polo players and ex-convicts.
  16. Leonard Wood- commanded the rough riders
  17. General William R. Shafter- extremely fat, commanded the united states navy in the spanish american war.
  18. San Juan Hill- theodore roosevelt shot a dude there. rough riders suffered heavy casualties.
  19. Admiral Cervera- commander of the spanish fleet, odds were against him.
  20. Filipinos- at first mickinley didn’t know what to do with the philippines but decided that if they were left alone they would either fall into anarchy or be ruled by the germans. Therefore, he decided to christianize them.
  21. Anito-Imperialist League- It was formed on June 15, 1898 to fight the annexation of the Philippines, aka insular areas. it opposed annexation because it was immoral, and bad legal/economic practice. George S. Boutwell and Moorfield Storey served as president. The people in this league are known as Grover Cleveland Democrats.
  22. Expantionists/Imperialists- umm, not totally sure what to say for this one, I guess she wants us to say that like, the US was expanding all over the place like into Cuba, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, and Philippines. The US was kinda’ just going into all of these places and trying to take all of them over, but we occupied them all and how a lot of influence, but we were forced by our own laws to let them run themselves (except for Hawaii)

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