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Are We Rome

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Are We Rome? This is a very intriguing book that takes a look at the civilization of ancient Rome in comparison with America today. The book begins by bringing you back to a day in Roman history and examining what takes place there. In then transfers you to an average day in America and what can be seen there. Throughout this entire book it is constantly comparing both nations for both similarities and differences. Are We Rome? Is organized into 5 different part and includes a Prologue and an Epilogue.

Each of these different parts are there own chapters. In the Prologue it gives what Murphy calls the “Six Parallels. These are the six main similarities between ancient Rome and America Today. This is a very important part which will set up the major parts of the book later. The first parallel is The way we as Americans, and more specifically the way people in Washington, see America today. We look at it as the center of the world.

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The Roman too saw there great nation as the center of life where all other nation revolved around. The second parallel is military power. The way both nations would look at returning soldiers and the way that both military powers became so spread out we had to rely on other nations for help.

The third is “privatization”. This is the difference between private and public obligations. The Fourth is both nations mutual ignorance towards other nations. The fifth is the issue of borders. Finally the sixth is the complexity of such mega-powers. These six parallels are the focus of the book. While the author found many other similarities then these sis parallels, he also found many differences. Constantly throughout the book he would look at and issue and see how both nations are in comparison. He talked about how Rome lasted more than a thousand years and we aren’t even three hundred years old.

He talked about how the Romans went through only the Iron age, while “America in its short history has already leapt through the Industrial Age to the Information Age and the Biotech Age. ” He talked about the differences in the middle class between the two nations. There were many differences but at the same time many things that relate to each other. The books five parts are similar to the six parallels Murphy talked about. The first chapter is called The Capitals. Again it deals with the governments of both nations and how all they care about is there own great nation which is the ultimate power.

The second chapter is called the Legions. This is the great militaries both nations had and there involvement throughout the world. They both spread themselves so thin that they need Barbarians or Contractors to help them out. The third chapter is called the Fixers. This deals a lot with the public and the politicians. The laws that are made and how well the citizens follow or react to the laws. This was most intriguing and my favorite part of the book. This I feel is where the most change can happen. The forth chapter is called the Outsiders.

I feel this is something that has to change. We have to fix our relations with the rest of the world and get along with them rather than fighting them or ignoring them. The fifth chapter is called The Borders This deals with how both nations treated there borders. In this sense I think Rome did a better job sense they tried to get along with them rather than build a fence to keep them out. The sixth parallel was constant throughout the book. I do feel he covered much of it in the Epilogue. This is called There Once Was a Great City.

It shows how we could have our nations downfall by being in such chaos. With this is states we should consolidate and focus on our own problems at the moment. Build from the inside out. I really loved how the author was constantly comparing these two great nations and giving advice. He even has a “Titus Livius Hundred-Year Workout Plan”. First we need to open ourselves to the world and learn foreign languages. Embrace other nations rather than look down upon them. Second, America needs to embrace our own government and not think of it as a necessary evil.

We need to be thankful for what the government does do for us rather than complain about what it doesn’t. Third, we need to increase support for public health services and public schools as well as abandon the wall around our border. Finally, we should reduce our military size and let other nation worry a little bit more as well as find other resources for fuel besides oil. If we don’t the one of three scenarios will play out. There is the “Fortress America Scenario” in which national security is supreme with the executive branch reigning and privacy is out the window.

There is the “City-State scenario” which great cities will rule instead of one centralized government. Finally there is the “Boardroom scenario” in which huge corporation rule the world and everything we take for granted becomes privatized. We don’t want any of these things to happen. I really liked how this book got you thinking about change and how history does tend to repeat itself. It’s a great book to read if your worried about where Americas headed and want some great ideas of thing we as Americans can do to help.

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