Argumentative AIDS paper

Support for AIDS Should be Growing Many people believe that if an issue does not apply to them directly, the issue itself is not important. They are wrong. A virus called AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is a disease that has puzzled scientists ever since the illness first came to light in the year 1981. Support for AIDS has grown since the early 1 sass’s, but not fast enough to save the lives of those dying from its effects on the immune system, to liberate this disease of its cruel stigma, or to build its research funds in attempts to discover a cure.

AIDS has caused thousands of deaths is the United Stated alone. It is a fact that a person cannot die because of AIDS; one can only die due to the effects of the disease. AIDS attacks the immune system making it deficient, causing a person to be unable to fight off any sicknesses. In time the individual will die from a cold or infection that the immune system should have fought Off. Since the epidemic began, more than 61 9,000 people have died with AIDS in the U. S. (a person infected every nine and a half minutes).

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Not to mention the 1. 2 million U. S. Citizens that are living with AIDS currently. One may claim that death is inevitable, why not die from AIDS. The answer to that argument is that NO one should die with AIDS. Yes, everyone ultimately dies, but not from a disease that causes a person to be sick all the time, or to be ripped away from his or her loved ones at a premature age. A family should be united for as long as possible, and not grieving for the loss of a member who passed away after a long painful fight against AIDS.

AIDS has always had an awful reputation. Since the day the first AIDS case was reported, this disease has been called different names other than its scientific one. According to a study taken in 2009 by aids. Gob, sixty-one recent of people infected with ADDIS in the United States are gay. As a result of this statistic, people often call this illness ‘The Gay Disease”. This name is also used due to the theories of people from the sass’s. Back then, it was believed that gay men were the only ones who could contract or spread AIDS.

This false information not only increased the spread of AIDS, but also demoralized gay men. People frequently said that AIDS was “God’s punishment’, humiliating gay men even further. Using this stigma and misleading facts, people were able to embarrass gay men to extreme extents. Even gays who were not infected by AIDS were treated poorly. Very’ few would ever question whether it was right or wrong to degrade anyone to that extent. People simply followed what everyone else tended to do, a trait that luckily seemed to perish as the years went on.

Research and support for AIDS are now growing rapidly in the United States. AIDS organizations are being made to make an impact in the world. Though there are many different AIDS establishments, they all have similar goals; to raise funds and awareness to fight the spread of HIVE/AIDS, to provide assistance for those living with the virus, and to help fund other AIDS organizations throughout the world that give their services to populations in need.

Elizabeth Taylor is a woman who had every single one of these goals in mind when she embarked upon her journey to found her own AIDS organization in 1 991, eventually named TAFFETA (Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation). Since then she has donated over twelve million dollars in funding to various organizations to help stop the spread of AIDS and to provide direct care to those affected by the disease. With organizations like Elizabethan, hope for a cure and support for AIDS is growing stronger everyday.

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