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The small trial and error test runs

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The Mean is the measure of central tendency that divides a population or sample into two equal parts (that is two parts with equal frequencies) FALSE It is he median which does that. 9. If there are 7 classes in a frequency distribution then the fourth class necessarily contains the median. FALSE It depends on the class frequencies 10. The sum of deviations from the mean (taking into account the frequencies) can be negative, zero or positive. FALSE It is always Zero 11. The median is said to be less sensitive to extreme values.

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The small trial and error test runs
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TRUE This statement is a relative statement (implicitly) comparing Median with the other popular measure of central tendency, namely, the Mean. But some students read the statement in absolute terms and answered it wrong although they knew that Median is not sensitive to extreme values. Therefore, I removed this question from grading. 12. The Empirical Rule is used to describe a population that is not highly skewed. TRUE It is based on the symmetrical Normal distribution and can be safely applied only for slightly skewed non-Normal distributions.

For highly skewed distribution it is not appropriate. Chapter 413. If events A and B are independent and A is not an impossible event, then P(A/B) is not equal to zero. TRUE In fact P(A/B) equals P(A) if A and Bare independent, which is not zero unless A is an impossible event. 14. If events A and B are mutually exclusive, then the conditional probability P(A/B) is a positive number greater than zero but less than 1. FALSE This is obvious from the definition of mutually exclusive events. If B occurs then A cannot occur. Therefore P(A/B) = 0. 15.

The union of events A and B is given by all basic outcomes common to both A and B FALSE This statement is for “Intersection”, not for “Union”. Multiple Choices (each question carries two points):Chapter 1 1. Ratio variables have the following unique or special characteristic: A. Meaningful orders. Predictable. Categorical in natured. An inherently defined zero value 2. Which of the following is a quantitative variable? A. The make off TV. The price of a TV. The VINE off card. The rank of a police officer. The Driver’s License Number 3. Which of the following is a categorical or Nominal variable?

A. The Social Security Number of a persons. Bank Account Balance. Daily Sales in a StoreD. Air Temperature. ValUe of Company Stock 4. The level of Satisfaction in a Consumer survey would represent a(n) level of measurement. A. Nominatives. Ordinals. Intervals. Ratio Chapter 2 5. When developing a frequency distribution the class (group), intervals must e A. Larger. Smalls. Mutually exclusive. D. Whole numbers. Equaling equal intervals (or nearly equal intervals) is “generally” (not always) desirable. But it is not necessary and not even appropriate in some applications.

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