Walking the Talk: How Managers Can Learn from Their Frontline Employees

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In the Lessons for Undercover Bosses, managers are encouraged to walk around and have daily contact with line employees to gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and opportunities. This approach can help managers know about the employee’s activities and demands, and fulfill them accordingly. As an employee, knowing that your supervisor spends time with workers can be motivating and lead to a more positive attitude towards the organization. Besides going undercover, executives and other organizational leaders can learn about day-to-day business operations by working side by side with their employees and showing genuine interest in them. However, there are potential dangers in the management by walking around strategy, such as employees feeling spied on. Managers can minimize these concerns by creating a daily routine of MBA, visiting everybody’s desk individually, asking for suggestions, and following up on profitable ideas without criticism.

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Assignment Lessons for Under cover bosses What are some of the things managers can learn by walking around and having daily contact with line employees that they might not be able to learn from looking at data and reports? Managers reserve time to walk through departments regularly, form networks of acquaintances in the organization, and get away from their desks to talk to individual employees. The management uses this style at to learn more about the challenges and opportunities their employees were encountering.

Through walking manager knows about the employee’s activities or demand and try to full ill their demand Q As an employee, would you appreciate knowing your supervisor regularly spent time with workers? How would knowing top executives routinely interact with line employees affect your attitudes toward the Organization? Yes I will appreciate my supervisor while he spending time with me. Because when the supervisor spend a time with me and, I can motivate myself to do work hard.

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The daily routine of top executive manager interact with every employee also effect on employees work because due to this every employee work hard with full of honesty and motivate himself. Then, His attitude good towards the organization. Some time employees need some motivation to do work hard so when a manager spend time with these employees they can more loyal to the organizational Q What ways can executives and other organizational leaders learn about day- to-day business operations besides going “undercover? Executive and others organizational leaders learn different things about the day to day business operations besides going undercover and the lesson are plain and simple and can have a huge impact on engagement and commitment. You can develop a trust on all employees. Work side by side with your employee’s . Work as hard as they do. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Understand the challenges of the job then you can connect yourself with other employees emotionally attachment you can show genuine interest in them. You can check also the talent of your employees Q Are there any dangers in the use of a management by walking around strategy? Could this strategy lead employees to feel they are being spied on? What actions on the part of managers might minimize These concerns?

The strategy help employees to be motivate and not fear about their work and u to manager spend time with individual one so they feel more confident and solve their issues with their manager should not more interested with employees because some gaps are must be a between manager and employees and manager create daily routine of MBA and he visit to everybody desk individually and ask them for suggestion about the product service sale and the creates good for the organizational follow up the suggestion s if they are profitable for the organizations and don’t criticize .

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