Assignment Poetry

When I have fears that I may cease to be QUESTION 1 This sonnet uses the Shakespearean rhyme scheme, ABA CDC beef g. This sonnet contains a 3 quatrain and a couplet. The theme of the poem focuses on the poet’s fear of death at a young age. He is filled with lots of ideas to write poetry and books and would not be able to get the chance to fulfill his dream. He would not find romance as there is no hope for him because he is dying.

In the end of the sonnet his attitude takes a turn to reality that love and him being a famous poet means nothing anymore as he will eventually die.

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QUESTION 2 The poet has a lot of negativity in his poem. His fear of dying alone. No one will be with him when he dies because you can only die alone. He writes the poem in a negative way by using metaphors to describe his feelings.

QUESTION 3 His fear of dying in line 1 depicts this grief and suffering. He also as lots of ideas of poems he would like to write together with books. The imagery used here as he compares himself to nature as grain will be sowed and grown ready to be harvested. His life at a prime and mature age will be taken away just like the rain that will be cut down to be harvested.

QUESTION 4 The star means the end of a day because it shines at night, just like his life is compared to this darkness. He try’s to hold on to this star because it shines bright but he knows he has no hope. He will die soon. High romance for him is unreachable because he has a dark cloud over him. He is sad of dying. He won’t be able to reach the shadows of love. He hopes there is a miracle waiting to happen to him but he knows that would not come true. QUESTION 5 The poet’s interest is to write poetry or find his love interest. He uses this exaggeration since he is so aware of his time on earth is so little.

He has not found his love interest yet and his love of writing poetry and to continue to do so. There is too little time available for all these things to do. QUESTION 6 The use of “shore” introduces a metaphor. The poet views the world as if he is standing on an edge staring out at it. He sees his life and desires in perspective. In the last two lines of the sonnet there is an enjambment where there is a sudden change in his writing there is a conclusion. He is not in touch with the world anymore. He is deprived of everything. This is reality the end of his life for him.

His romantic love and he being a famous poet are not so important anymore and are meaningless because he will die soon. QUESTION 7 John Keats was a doctor when he gave up his career to write poetry. He was 25 years old when he died of tuberculosis from nursing his mother and brother of the disease. He was quiet a renowned poet by his time. His deteriorating health was what prompted him to write this poem ‘When I have fears that I may cease to be” in 1818. He knows his time is drawing nearer and takes in a negative outlook of life. He puts his words to the feelings and emotions when dealing with death.

He uses punctuation, enjambment (13) metaphors to his choice of imagery in this sonnet. He is very strict in structuring his creative imagination and deep emotions in this sonnet. This sonnet deals with Skate’s concern of his own mortality as well as his concerns for the longevity and appreciation of his work. “What I have fears” covers many points on the poets fears of dying young in this poem. John Keats fear of dying and is inability to write down all the rich poems he as in his head depicts itself in the first quatrain of the poem.

He wants to write as many books as possible giving people his knowledge and ideas. In his poem there is the use of metaphors and structures depicting his fear and losses. He also wants to love and give love to someone. His dreams of fulfilling his ambitions will be cut short because of the reality he will die soon. This poem has a rhyme scheme of Shakespearean. It consists of 3 quatrains and a couplet. In line 4 he compares himself to nature the field of grain. Just as seeds are sown and grain is ready to be harvested. His growth of life at his mature age will be cut down like that of the grain.

He will die soon. He wants to experience life through other people’s experiences. He compares himself to a star in the night. A star symbolizes the end of a day and darkness. His life is compared to that darkness. The star shines bright and he thinks he has hope but behind that the star he knows that he doesn’t have hope at all. A dark cloud hangs over his life by sadness, of his death soon. He wants to love someone and to receive love back and he knows that this is unreachable to him just as the clouds and shadows re. He hopes for “A magic hand of chance “(8) a miracle waiting to happen to him.

He will never get that chance. He also wants to meet his ultimate love interest and his love of poems until he writes that one ultimate poem before he dies. In line (10) he will never see love again. His love of writing his poems and the fact that he would never get the time, to complete all of this. He would love to meet someone where two worlds could become one. He is scarified in fulfilling that need as there is not enough time for him to love someone and share his life with. In the last two lines of his poem you SE there is an enjambment (13).

The whole sonnet changes completely in these lines. There is hard hitting reality revealed by the poet. He stands alone in this ‘Wide world” because he will die alone and no body will be with him. In the end romance and his fame mean nothing anymore because he is going to die anyway. “Nothingness” means he is deprived of his life at a young prime age and of love, and his passion to write books and poetry has taken away. There is no resolution for him in this sonnet, because he is at the end of line in his life, he will “sink”. He will die soon.

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