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Caretaker dropped a bottle of pills on the floor. When she bent down to pick of the pills, she slipped on a pill and fell to the ground. On her way down she grabbed a filing cabinet in an attempt to stop her fall. The heavy cabinet fell over and landed on her back.

Mrs.. Caretaker has severe knee pain. Mrs.. Caretaker’s knee pain could be the result of working over 25 years caring for patients. Mrs.. Caretaker worked in a nursing home as a CAN and then in the local hospital as an LAP.

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The physical demands as a CAN and LAP likely attributed to knee pain.

Both jobs demanded lifting patients and standing on her feet of the time.

Mrs.. Caretaker did not receive workmen’s compensation or unemployment insurance benefits. Mrs.. Caretaker however did receive short term disability for 6 months. Mrs.. Caretaker was terminated after the 6 months disability, as she was unable to return to work. She has been awarded Long Term Disability from the employer’s insurance provider.

Mrs.. Caretaker is on COBRA insurance, which is about to expire. COBRA does not pay for all of the medical expenses Mrs.. Caretaker requires.

Mrs.. Caretaker requires medication, surgery and medical supplies, which COBRA does not cover.

Mrs.. Caretaker is paid $350 dollars per week, by her son, to care for his two children ages 15 and 17. Mrs.. Caretaker supervises the children 2 hours per day. Mrs.. Caretaker uses the funds, from her son, to pay for her medical expenses. Mrs.. Caretaker is unable to seek or retain employment due to her medical condition. Mrs.. Caretaker cannot sit or stand for more than thirty minutes at a time, nor walk more than 10 minutes at a time, due to severe pain.

Conclusion: Mrs.. Caretaker is unable to gain full time employment. In order to assist Mrs.. Caretaker with her claim more information is required. Mrs.. Caretaker’s complete medical records from all of her physicians will verify Mrs.. Caretaker’s condition. The medical reports and injury claim from her last employer to substantiate her claims to include all paperwork and payments received from the short term disability. All information regarding her qualifications and determinations for the long term disability, which she is currently receiving.

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