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The Australian individuality is every bit diverse as the state itself. Each and every Aussie has a alone perceptual experience of Australia. yet there is besides a common consciousness of Australia as a whole. The Australian individuality besides concerns the manner Australians are viewed by other people. There are many different facets to this individuality. which include historical icons. such as bushrangers and inmates. and more recent developments in Australia. such as the surfing civilization. and even our linguistic communication. which has been adapted over two hundred old ages to go what it is today. There are many stereotypes of Australia. yet most of these are based on existent traditions or oddities.

This essay will analyze the poems Clancy of the Overflow written by A. B. Paterson. and comparison and contrast it with Andy’s Gone With Cattle by Henry Lawson. Both of these verse forms are about life without the work forces that have ‘gone a-droving’ in Queensland. Droving is one of the original stereotypes of Australia. and is an of import portion of our individuality.

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Clancy of the Overflow is one of ‘Banjo’ Paterson’s most celebrated plants. It is a pensive verse form comparing the freedom of droving to the humdrum labor of metropolis life. This is expressed with phrases such as “For the drover’s life has pleasances that the townspeople ne’er know” . Paterson uses many techniques to portray the conflicting lives of metropolis oilskins and husbandmans. He uses ocular imagination to flawlessness. painting a graphic image of ‘Clancy’ . taking a gay life droving cowss and populating under the stars. and so compares it with “the foetid air and gritty of the dusty. soiled metropolis through the unfastened window floating” . ‘Banjo’ besides uses metaphor. once more to underscore the differences between metropolis and state life. particularly in verse six. with “And in topographic point of mooing cowss. I can hear the demonic rattling of the ropewaies and the coachs doing hurry down the street” which besides entreaties to the senses. Clancy of the Overflow is a really ordered verse form. utilizing metred poetry. with an aa bc Doctor of Divinity European Union rime form. Overall. this verse form expresses an interesting position of Australia. chiefly utilizing contrast to show the point of position. It communicates most Australians’ love of the shrub. and the out-of-doorss. and their pride in Australia. and besides the really stereotyped. but slightly relevant ‘Crocodile Dundee. the mean Aussie bloke’ attitude/approach. Paterson spent his most gratifying old ages in the shrub. making one occupation or another. which is something he had in common with his character ‘Clancy’ .

Andy’s Gone With Cattle by Henry Lawson. is besides about a cheerful character with a love for the outback. However. Lawson himself was really acrimonious about the shrub. and bush life. although it was the subject of many of his plants. He had an unhappy childhood. and was deaf by the age of 14. He was a author for many newspapers. but although he was a antic author. he frequently had problem maintaining occupations. because of his alcohol addiction and depression. and he was frequently in gaol. Mental unwellness ran in his household. and he even attempted suicide one time.

Despite this. he was a good known poet. and he one time met Banjo Paterson. and debated with him over their at odds positions of life in the shrub. This struggle in sentiment is evident. when comparing Andy’s Gone With Cattle and Clancy of the Overflow. For illustration. Lawson describes droving as traveling to “battle … ‘gainst Drought. the ruddy marauder” . and uses personification to show drouth as a scoundrel. which sneaks up when you aren’t looking. and steals off the rain. whereas Paterson describes droving as a privilege. an elusive life of freedom. “where the seasons come and go” .

Lawson uses many techniques to show the sad. disquieted and about acrimonious temper of the verse form. including repeat. with the words “Andy’s gone with cattle” and “Andy went a-droving” to emphasize the fact that ‘Andy’ is gone. The name ‘Andy’ is besides repeated throughout the verse form. to underscore his importance on the choice he has left to travel droving. and how he was taken for granted before he left. This is rather different from Clancy of the Overflow where there is no repeat.

As in Paterson’s verse form. Andy’s Gone With Cattle utilizations metred poetry in purely throughout the verse form. but in an ABAB form. and uses short lines. which gives the feeling of degage resignment to unfortunate fortunes. nevertheless in Clancy of the Overflow the temper is more of pensive sorrow.

In both verse forms. the chief character’s voice is wholly soundless. the verse forms are about them. nevertheless we do non hear anything of their sentiments on the capable affair. We do non cognize what ‘Andy’ idea of go forthing his place for droving. or what ideas ‘Clancy’ had on droving compared to metropolis life.

As with Clancy of the Overflow. Andy’s Gone With Cattle is about a celebrated and typical Australian tradition that is a really of import portion of Australia’s individuality as a state. which is really dependent on the shrub as a beginning for icons. Most of our national icons are based around the shrub. or bush life. for illustration. bushrangers. homesteaders. kangaroos and brush kangaroos. backyard barbeques. and flies.

Although at first glimpse these two verse forms appear rather similar. they are in truth rather different in the stance that each takes about droving. and the Australian shrub. This is supported by the background information on both verse forms and poets. However both verse forms express valid positions of life in the shrub. which is an of import Australian icon and a important portion of the Australian individuality.

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