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Body Types : Mesomorph, Ectomorph, and Endomorph

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    Body types are a part of genetics that depict how the structure of your body is designed. The three major body types are the mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph. Although these are the main distinguishing types there are cases in which people land in between and hold characteristics of more than one body type. The mesomorph, aka apple shape, are freaks of nature seeing as how their bodies are naturally lean and muscular.

    Mesomorphs can eat practically anything they want and however much they want. Sugars, fats, carbs: you name it and they can eat it without compromising their bodies whatsoever. Mesomorphs are usually very athletic and respond well to all types of training, but tend to require very little effort to keep their bodies in check. Even though mesomorphs possess advantages, they should not completely take their genetics for granted. A poor diet can lead to nutrition-based diseases, and eventually age will override their extreme metabolism.

    A mesomorph can determine the amount of calories they need to eat by multiplying their weight by 15; therefore a 150 lb person can eat 2,250 calories every day. On average, mesomorphs should try to balance their diet 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and 30 percent fats. A typical mesomorph can work out around 30 minutes a day, if necessary, to reinsure their athleticism. The ectomorph, aka banana shape, is typically a very skinny and lean type. They tend to have very sharp bones with a small, trim waist and very narrow shoulders.

    People of this body type typically can eat tons of carbs and calories without gaining any weight because all their excess fat is quickly burned off to maintain body heat. These people however usually find it very difficult to develop muscle and very simple to lose it. These people are typically known as ‘hard-gainers’. It is usually pretty hard for them to gain muscle and even fat. In order for the ectomorph to bulk up, they have to take the average weight loss plan and flip it. Ectomorphs need to be eating tons of carbs and proteins.

    Along with a heavy calorie plan, a heavy resistance plan can help an ectomorph out in the gym. The endomorph, aka pear shape, stores fat very easily even if they are eating right and exercising due to their high amount of fat cells. This body type is typically at high risk of obesity and high blood pressure. Endomorphs also have a much slower metabolism than the other two types and often suffer from depression caused by insecurities about their body image. This body type finds it very difficult to shed body fat and is commonly referred to as ‘big-boned’.

    Due to their stocky body shape and tendency to store fat, endomorphs find it difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet suitable for them. First off, doctors recommend a diet with high fiber foods and plenty of water. They are also supposed to a low-fat diet and plenty of lean protein to help increase muscle. It is best for the endomorphs to have smaller portions more often to help boost their energy levels. Endomorphs also need to incorporate 45-60 minutes of cardio each day. Body types and body composition should not be confused.

    Although genetics may play a role, they should not be the blame for obesity, excess fat, or even of the opposite. How healthy you are and the shape you’re in physically is all determined by you. There are ways of staying healthy and fit no matter your genetics. Although the path to success might be different to each body type, it is still completely possible for every person to be happy with the body they were given. With the right diet and the right exercise plan, everyone has the opportunity to strive.

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