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Bowling for Columbine Speech Essay

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Good morning/afternoon Teachers and peers, today I will be talking about Michael Moore’s need to persuade us into believing that America is a gun driven country. In this documentary, Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore has used many persuasive techniques to get us to believe that every person in America feels safe to have a gun somewhere in their house for protection and that there are many terrible things that happen in America. To prove that Americans feel safer with a gun in their house and how America has many tragedies I will deconstruct 2 scenes from the documentary Bowling for Columbine.

First I will be talking about selection and omission of James Nickles. Second I will be talking about the juxtaposition, and gaps and silences in this documentary.

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Michael Moore has used selection and omission in this scene with James Nickles. He’s used this techniques because James Nickles has been deliberately chosen to be in this text. He has been chosen because he is one of the many people in America that hide a gun under their pillow.

(After scene ends) As you can see he has shown Michael Moore that he hides a 44 magnum under his pillow so that he feels more protected. This gets us to believe that Americans feel more protected if they have a gun somewhere in their household that make them feel safe. Michael Moore chose James Nickles to be in this text because he is proof that he’s one of the people who like to have their house and themselves safe with a gun provided for their safety. In the next scene it continues to show more techniques on how America has many unresolved issues.

In this scene Michael Moore has used juxtaposition to make us understand that America has unresolved issues. These techniques have been used so that we can feel what they were feeling during that time in their lives because there were so many tragedies and so much death. (After scene ends) As it shows the music in the background make us think that this world is wonderful but with the pictures and little videos shown, it really isn’t a wonderful world. There were many tragic moments in that scene but the most tragic was the twin towers as they hurt everyone around the world. This scene in the documentary shows us that America has many terrible things happen. Together this makes us believe that America is a gun crazy country and that they have many issues that haven’t yet been solved.

In this documentary Bowling for Columbine written and produced by Michael Moore he has gotten us to believe that Americans can’t feel protected without a gun inside their house and that America has many wars, fights and shootings that it doesn’t make a safe country to live in.

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