Brand Audit About British Airways Essay

British Airways I. Personality Elements i. Name British Airways, older British Airways Ltd. Founded in 1974. ii. Logo iii. Slogan “Upgrade to British Airways”, is slogan explained the feeling to the company to be a high airplane company. iv. Style Style, it’s like an icon. British Airways is an icon for the airways high company. It has conquered the world through its service and quality. After 35 years it is still in the market. . v. Advertising British Airways wants a good image. It creates a partnership with UNICEF to raise funds for the impoverished country.

One of the means used was to collect foreign currencies when they returned from passenger travel. Through this campaign, British Airways has already garnered 1 more than 27 million pounds. British Airways would like to be present on a lot of different support of media. It is maybe, for managed her image ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1? http://www. unicef. org. uk/corporatepartnerships/partner_detail. asp? partner=4? ? ? 1?? ? II. Internal Brand a. Brand Management The most powerful brands are created when the external marketing reflects the internal culture.

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Brand Audit About British Airways
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British Airways, “world’s favourite Airline” proposition started life as an internal expression of identify for the airline’s own staff. Marketing Management/Philip Kotler … British Airways is a company whose brand image plays an important role. Thus, it is a reflection of British gallantry. It is well-known for these classes, high-end, as first class … Similarly, any such employee has a uniform so that it is recognizable. This is in line with the concept of “brand icon”. These uniforms have been designed by Julien Macdonald. Always in the context of high brand image. b. Brand structure

British Airways has managed to retain a coherent structure of the company relative to its market. British Airways evokes aviation, good service. That this limit to that. We can therefore consider that British Airways is a consistent brand. Limited both by its diversification which allows him to use his expertise in a field it has long known that by taking her hand in another company. For example, the creation of the Oneworld alliance will be in effect, she was voted best “aviation alliance” of the year by Skytrax. However, this alliance could be seen as a catalyst to “agreement on various market”.

Aspect that will be developed later. Logo and company include on Oneworld alliance Market Segment i. Customer Profile British Airways ‘s profile is targeted towards family and business clientele. Thus, for these medium-haul flights, long haul and she has more class that distinguishes it from low-cost airline, for the service it provides. However, the crisis with its target audience is diminished. Often based on an upgrade accustomed to the crisis resulted in the reduction of a significant proportion of service activities and some medium to first class.

The benefit of low cost carriers, seeking to make maximum profits with minimum service. ? ? 2?? ? ii. Buying Practises British Airways is known worldwide as one of aviation enterprises that carries more passengers. In addition, it has many classes of cabins that span a wide price range. Economy class to first class. For a total of 10 classes travellers. They can be sub-divided into four categories: as described in the table below. Travel class First Business Sub class FIRST Club World Club World London City Open Skies – Biz bed Open skies – biz seat Club Europe

Service + Price + Premium economics Economics World Traverller plus World traveller Euro traveller Uk Domestic -* *the economics class is always better on a national company like BRITISH AIRWAYS than a low cost company like Ryanair. iii. Market Trends According to studies conducted by Mintel. The aircraft market will grow over the years to come. However, the market for long-haul flight, which progresses more slowly. This is related to the crisis, both global and specific to aviation. More travel course (

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