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Business Strategy of Carrefour

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    [pic] [pic] Content Page 1. 0Executive Summary The rapid growth of emerging market economies in Asia have seen a marked increase in disposable incomes leading to a considerable increase in confidence and consumption. The Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-98 that caused abrupt withdrawal of international capital proved to be a temporary setback and ground has been regained where it had been lost. Today, Asia shines in the global economic landscape and looks set to take over the U. S. as the new engine of growth in the global economy.

    In a growing economy, convenience matters and higher education as well as urbanization have lead Asians to embrace Western brands with gusto. The stores with the biggest advantage in terms of consumer preference are those with a wide variety of products to offer as was the case with hypermarkets, supermarkets and online retailers. Nevertheless, many countries in the region and elsewhere are experiencing severe economic difficulties as a consequence of the current turmoil in the world’s financial markets. The spillover effect of this turmoil has not spared the retail industry.

    A decline in foreign investment and a possible increase in unemployment or political turmoil in neighboring countries will all affect disposal incomes negatively among Asian consumers and certainly undermine retail sales negatively. However, times of great challenges are also times of great opportunities. In the midst of great uncertainty and increasing volatility in the overall business climate, Carrefour, the world’s second largest retailer aims to accelerate growth. Through a strategic lens, we seek to review and identify the various key areas that Carrefour need to focus so as to gain a stronger foothold in Asia. . 1       The Research Background The purpose of the assignment is to analyze the business environment of Carrefour and ensure strategic integration of its people and policies with the aim of bringing more clarity to the company’s marketing objectives and business strategies in Asia. As such, we conducted in-depth research to gather as much up-to-date data and information as possible to provide a solid and detailed analysis as well as comparison of Carrefour against the leading players in the retail industry in Asia.

    We also attempt to provide various recommendations on control and contingency plans to support the organization’s sustainable growth in Asia. 1. 2The sources and methods of data collection We conduct an in-depth research to gather as much up-to-date data and information as possible to provide a solid and detailed analysis of Carrefour as well as the leading players in the retail market in Asia. Our main sources include: ·          The financial, business and mainstream press ·          Company annual reports           Reports published by major manufacturers/distributors/retailers/suppliers ·         Online database 3. The Report Organization This report has eight sections. Section 1 provides an introduction of the report, followed by 6 other sections of discussions and visual models to analyze the various aspects which requires focus and the last section ends with our conclusion or recommendations. 2Overview Analysis Fig. 1 SWOT Analysis of Carrefour Strengths |Weakness | |- Strong Balance Sheet and liquidity |- House brands are not popular | |- World’s second largest retailer and reputable |- Failed in competing with some of the local supermarkets in Asia, | |- Low price, fresh and quality products |- Revenue in Asia only contributes to 7% of the total consolidated net sales | |- Highly professional teams |(http://www. carrefour. com/cdc/finance/key-figures/our-key-figures-/key-figures-fol| |- Healthy Sales Growth |der/breakdown-sales. html) | | |- Slower then rivals in venturing out to new markets | |Opportunities |Threats | |- Growth in emerging markets in Asia, e. , , Vietnam, |- Intense Rivalry from Wal-Mart, Tesco and local supermarkets | |- More discounts stores could be established |- Political Instability in local countries, strikes and riots will impact day to | |- Developing more of their own house labels |day operations | |- Acquisition or Mergers with local supermarkets |- Policy changes by the local government | |- Convenience stores that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week can be |- Mergers of local supermarkets | |considered | | 2. 2Implications of Assessment – Different strategies should be designed to cater to each different country in Asia and it will help to increase the market share of Carrefour in Asia. – Opportunities to expand in Asia are plentiful as the economy is booming. Currently Carrefour operates in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Carrefour can capitalize on their established reputation and built more new outlets in other different countries of Asia. Hypermarkets are getting more and more popular in Asia, it is important for Carrefour to develop sustainable competitive strategies that will attract more customers and the customers will keep going back to Carrefour. 3Competitive Analysis 3. 1 Current Situation – Sales in Asia currently accounts for 7% of Carrefour annual revenue for the year ending 2008 (http://www. carrefour. com/cdc/finance/key-figures/our-key-figures-/key-figures-folder/breakdown-sales. html). As Asia’s economy is developing, people have higher spending power and they see the convenience and convenience of purchasing in a hypermarket. Carrefour should expand more rapidly and gain a bigger market share. Competitors are advertising aggressively in establishing their brand and creating awareness in the consumers mind. Competition is intense in all regions. – Timing for entering a new region, customer oriented service, locations of the hypermarkets are the core values that determines the success of the hypermarket – Due to the current economic slump, consumers purchasing power have dropped and these might affect Carrefour’s business, however it might be a blessing in disguise as consumers are constantly looking for cheaper alternatives and cut down on other forms of spending but instead purchase more necessities from a hypermarket 3. 2Immediate Issues to be address 3. 2. 1Direct competitor environment Issues Justification Carrefour’s competitors – Carrefour current biggest competitors are hypermarket/supermarkets operators like Wal-Mart, Tesco and local retailers – What are their strategies – All the hyper markets compete in low prices, Wal-Mart has a strategy of acquisition of local firms and an offer of everyday low price as they purchase directly from factories, they demand high price reductions and as they are the world’s top retailer, suppliers often give them low prices. – Tesco has a strategy of partnership and they partnered with Shanghai Hymall Commercial Retail Group in order to gain a substantial presence in China. – Local operators formed mergers between each other to fend off foreign retailers. – Strengths and Weakness- Walmart and Tesco are both financially strong as they are internationally well known. They are able to import more international brands.

    However, they might lack knowledge on the culture of the local country. 3. 2. 2 Indirect Competitor Environment Issue Justification – Indirect Competitors – As Carrefour sells all kinds of products. Branded clothing labels, electronics stores, wet markets and small local grocery shops are Carrefour’s indirect competitor – What are their strategies- In terms of pricing, they are unable to compete with Carrefour. Therefore they compete with Carrefour in Service. Branded clothing labels targets the young and trendy with spending power. Electronics stores bring in a wide range and different models and provide professional expertise.

    Local grocery shops provide delivery service to regular customers – Current Market Position- Carrefour stands to benefit as the influence of westernization is growing in Asian countries. Asians no longer practices necessity purchasing and impulse buying have been a form of lifestyle. 3 Analysis of Carrefour’s competitive position by using Porter’s Five Forces |Threats of Potential Entrants | | | |- Possible threats from other foreign | |major retailers | | | |- Competitors can enter the market anytime | as Asian countries encourages foreign | |investment | |Suppliers | | | |- Suppliers are dependent on big retailers | |like Carrefour, Carrefour have the | |advantage of dictating the price. | | | |- Carrefour have a wide variety of | |substitutes. | |Industry Competitors | | | |- Different region has its own local | |dominant hypermarket | | | |- Foreign retailers includes Wal-Mart and| Tesco | |Buyers | | | |-Buyers have high bargaining power as there | |are many choices of hypermarkets. They have | |virtually zero switching cost. | |Substitutes | | | |- Consumers have a wide variety of | |substitutes as there are other hypermarkets| |around. | Fig. 2 Porters 5 forces on Carrefour 3. 4Implications – Although pricing is an important factor in maintaining the competitive edge, Carrefour must differentiate itself from its competitors by providing better value. Carrefour should create awareness over its own branding and maintain the highest standard for its products and services. Consumers will be attracted and be confident in Carrefour. – Although Carrefour has the bargaining power with its suppliers, Carrefour can diversify their product lines by having more of their house labels. Reliance on suppliers will be minimized to a low level and profits might be maximized due to vertical integration. – Possible mergers or acquisitions between current competitors to fend off Carrefour and is a big possibility; Carrefour must anticipate these potential threats and devise strategies to deal with them 3. 5Strategic Group Analysis |GLOBAL HYPERMARKETS |REGIONAL SUPERMARKETS |NATIONAL SUPERMARKETS | |CHINA |Carrefour, Wal-mart |Jusco, |Hualian | |INDONESIA |Carrefour, Tesco |Giant |Pt Metro Supermarket | |MALAYSIA |Carrefour, Tesco |Jusco, Giant, |Mydin | |SINGAPORE |Carrefour |Giant, |NTUC, , | |TAIWAN |Carrefour |City’Super |RT Mart | |THAILAND |Carrefour,Tesco |Jusco |Foodland | Fig3. Strategic Analysis over Industry 3. 5. Implication of Assessment over Strategic Analysis – The hypermarket/supermarket business is highly competitive in Asia, Carrefour is currently very successful in Asia but there are always new opportunities, Carrefour must anticipate the opportunities and grab it before its competitors does – The products offered by Carrefour are currently very comprehensive but it will be important to expand their product offerings in order to cater to all ages. – Market positions must be clearly defined, customer oriented service and product value will differentiate them from its competitors – It is important to anticipate future trends as the customer tastes and needs changes over time. Quality products are important but convenience, affordability, and efficient serving time cannot be compromised. – Supplies are crucial to a supermarket, inventory must be well monitored and investment in IT will ensure a smooth transition 4Marketing Objectives 4. 1Long Term Objectives – To become the preferred retailer by revitalizing the image of Carrefour through clearer positioning, consistent brand management – To transform the Group into a more agile and more competitive while improving execution – To maintain and uphold Carrefour reputation as a socially responsible organization 5Strategies 5. 1Competitive Positioning 5. 1. 1Implication ) Carrefour should maintain its current position as a low cost and differentiated strategy, so that the Carrefour brand and global networks will be leveraged to reach new customers and offer quality services to existing ones. 2) The main problem is how Carrefour can sustain its achievement and maintained its competitive advantage. Therefore, Carrefour should continue to • Focus on desirable elements of a preferred brand image • Maintaining excellent customer service • Constantly upgrade and improve its technology and skills of its employees • integrated and coordinated action to fulfill customers’ necessitate to exploit core competencies and gain competitive advantages ) Carrefour should always challenge itself to excel in the retail industry as the market leadership, not only to provide low-cost and quality products, and also provide its shoppers with the unique shopping experience with Carrefour. 5. 2Competitors Likely responses to our recommended strategies The following are possibilities that our competitors would likely to response as: |ASIA COMPETITORS | |Hypermarkets | |Wal-mart |Will most probably defend market share by lower price strategy | | | | |May likely imitate our new strategy | | |Strategic alliance may form between competitors to cater the bigger and wider market range | |Tesco | | |Regional Supermarkets | |Jusco |Will most probably defend market share by lower price strategy | | |Giant may likely imitate our new strategy | |Giant | | |City’Super | | |National Supermarkets | |NTUC |Will most probably defend market share by lower price strategy | | |Will most likely not be too concern with our hypermarkets expansion strategies as their strategy is | | |more towards on focusing niche market to offer conveniences in the neighborhood | |RT Mart | | |Foodland | | |Hualian | | 5. 3Target Market and Segmentation The market segmentation concept is crucial to market assessment and market strategy, so that Carrefour will be able to plan focus on the different types of potential customers, to achieve more market share in retail industry. Carrefour should adapt the full market coverage strategies. Carrefour should use a mass market strategy by a differentiated strategy in which a separate marketing mix is offered to each segment. 2 PROS include: • Shift excess production capacity. Can achieve same market coverage as with mass marketing. • Consumers in each segment may be willing to pay a premium for the tailor-made product. • Less risk, not relying on one market. CONS include: • Demands a greater number of production processes. • Costs and resources and increased marketing costs through selling through different channels and promoting more brands, using different packaging etc. • Must be careful to maintain the product distinctiveness in each consumer group and guard its overall image Segmentation Variables |Demographics (Age, income, |Segment the age group is important factor for finding out the marketing trendy and taste of | |sex,etc. |consumers | | |Income is the considerable item to determine which product will buy and which or not at local | | |markets as well internationally | |Psychographics (lifestyle, |Significant point for product currently offering in market | |personality traits) |Vital aspect to understand the lifestyle of individual market as profit and loss due to the | | |culture of the each nations i. . globally implemented but locally uniqueness | |Benefit Segmentation |Dividing the market into groups of buyers, where each buyer sees the product different. Because| | |they are making the purchase for different reasons. | | |Awareness of how to cluster product ranges | | |Most cost effective for introduction of new products and promotions | | |Providing market share on all on the niche businesses hat operate within this industry | |Loyalty |Segment consumers across product ranges | | |Sales level of each product | | |Purchasing of each product as age groups | | |Profit-making product versus with age groups | |Attitudes |Cluster country segments according to | | |Brand awareness level | | |Knowledge of locals favorite | | |Composition of similarities and substitutes of products | | |Image of brands in consumer’s mind across the boundaries | 5. 4BCG Analysis

    The need for strategy in order to expand the existing product in very promising markets for Carrefour is very essential. Carrefour along with Wal-mart and other major retailers have dominated the France continent as well as elsewhere. BCG matrix below is the market growth rate measures in terms of industry attractiveness. Carrefour’s Reports of Performance Sales by Zone for 1st Quarter 2009 (Appendix)1 |Carrefour’s France |Carrefour’s Asia | |Carrefour’s Europe |Carrefour’s Latin America | Implication of assessment

    Use excess cash flow from Carrefour’s Europe and invests for marketing or market growth in Carrefour’s France since they are in high market growth rate position. Carrefour’s Asia and Latin America should research on competitors with potential for growth and launch an acquisition to increase their overall market shares. Carrefour’s Asia should cut cost by closing the non-performing outlets like Carrefour’s Japan to conserve cash and maintain healthy cash flows. Carrefour’s France must maintain its market leadership and reinvest the profits into further business growth Investing in Research and Development by Carrefour’s Europe to achieve operational excellence and maintain profitability. 5. 5 Targeting and Positioning 5. 5. 1 Current Situation

    The key issues affecting Carrefour are price concerns, ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences, market saturation and intense competition. Hence Carrefour needs to build its reputation as a low price and responsible company that is attuned to consumer preferences and lifestyle needs to differentiate itself from close competitor like Wal-mart. This help to market Carrefour as the preferred retailer wherever it operates. Some of the factors that have enabled Carrefour to stay ahead of competition so far are brand equity, diverse products, excellent service, and strong international presence. However, the retail industry is highly dynamic with strong competitors offering products and services that are similar.

    Furthermore, profit margins are thinning as commodities prices soar. 5. 5. 2 Positioning Objectives Carrefour should create a client-oriented culture Carrefour should aim to be the preferred employer, to further strengthen Carrefour corporate brand image, as a responsible corporate citizen and a caring organization. Carrefour should create a “Pioneer” image, in term of brand awareness, price and offering, including selection, quality and up-to-date products. Carrefour should create a lowest price image among its competitors, at least 5% cheaper, and to sustain market leadership in market characterized by many strong competitors- increase market share from __ to ___ 5. . 3 Approach to Positioning |Low Price Image |Carrefour should create a lowest price image among its competitors | |Approach | | | |To restore Carrefour’s low price reputation among consumers who have come to see it as too expensive, | | |especially amid the recession | | |The in-store offering will be enhanced with the launch of new product ranges that meet customers’ current | | |needs. | |Efficiency will be enhanced by taking full advantage of local, regional and global economies of scale | | |The store’s signs are made bigger, bolder and simpler | | |Large yellow discount posters above the aisles, with prices in bold, red print | | |Competition-based pricing: tries to set the price below the competitors | |Pioneer Image |Carrefour should create a “Pioneer” image | |Approach | | | |Hypermarkets, which are a crucial tool in winning new customers, are entering the era of tailored services | | |and adopting new roles. | | |To make the store experience exciting again, to win or regain the hearts of all customers. | |The Carrefour group needs to make its formats more complementary and introducing innovative new store | | |concepts with the customers’ feedback form and through its employees’ comment form, for example, Carrefour | | |Wet Market, a contemporary wet market for the purchasing of fresh seafoods and meats in a hyermarket | | |Carrefour should not only think of becoming biggest retailers but also transform into integrated and | | |innovative way of becoming the affordable yet lifestyle retailer, the world’s preferred retailer | | | | |Preferred Employer |Carrefour should aim to be the preferred employer | |Approach |The Brand not only display as a preferred retailer, but also as a preferred employer. With the enhanced | | |image of the brand, it will create a perception of a pleasant shopping experience with Carrefour. | | |Appropriate objectives and incentives will be adopted to encourage employees to be fully engaged in | | |delivering the strategy. | | |By motivating the employee to increase efficiency and competitiveness. | | |Promote internal staff development, and promote internally then direct recruits. | |Emploees are treated as owners, let them have shares of company, and incentives are paid in stock options | | |too | | |Significant costs for retailer was shoplifting, address this issue by instituting apolicy that shared a | | |certain percentage of the saving from decreases in a store’s pilerage among that store’s employees through | | |store incentive plans. | |Client Oriented |Carrefour should create a client-oriented culture | |Approach |Carrefour listens to their customers, and understands their needs. By doing so, Carrefour will get to know | | |their customers better in order to serve them well and improve its brand image. for example asian customers| | |prefer fresh food rather than frozen food | | |In stores, the Carrefour brand will be conveyed in a way that is closer to the customer, conveying that | | |Carrefour cares and protects the interest of its customers. | | |Throught effective marketing of its branding, the brand will again become a tool for winning customers, | | |enhancing customer loyalty and distinguishing Carrefour from the pack. | | |To build enduring relationships with customers by delivering superior products and quality service to make | | |Carrefour the preferred retailer wherever it operates. | |Localized the stores by employing locals for various positions and customized the products labels in local | | |language | | |Provide consumers with the convenience of one stop with both food and non food items | | |Location convenience with free shutter bus from various pickup point and speedy delivery service within 12 | | |hours for in store customers and online customers | | |A decentralized management should be implemented in which store managers have full operating freedom. | 5. 5. General Strategy for Positioning Carrefour will aim to create a lowest price image in consumers’ minds, and tends to reinforce high quality discount products, easier shopping, eco friendly products and high-tech shopping experience to its consumers. Being a lowest price and friendly hypermarket is a vital part of Carrefour’s strategy to win market share from its competitors. Carrefour must also incorporate core values among its employees, and give them sufficient training to provide excellent service to consumers. Being very price-conscious Asians, will subsequently associate Carrefour as part of their lifestyle, leading to higher retention of loyal customer base. . 6 Product Market Scope One of Carrefour key strength is the diverse range of products offered, which has enabled Carrefour to target a wide range of consumers. However, diversity is usually associated withh higher costs and risks. Hence, careful selection of strategies applicable to each product-market must be carried out. This can be done by evaluating the following: • Carrefour strengths and limitations in each product market • Market size and market potential for each customer group • Competitors strengths & weakness 5. 7 Product Range Table The following product-range, table exhibits the product-market matching for Carrefour. SEGMENTS |Different Category of Carrefour Stores | | |Hypermarket |Supermarket |Hard Discount |Convenience |Cash & Carry |E-commerce | |Expats |X |X | | | |X | |Middle-age Group |X |X |X | | | | |Teenagers/ Young Adults|X | | |X | |X | |Busy

    Professionals | | | |X | |X | |Mothers/ Parents | |X |X | | | | |Price Conscious |X | |X | | |X | |Consumers | | | | | | | |Catering & Food | | | | |X | | |Industry Professionals | | | | | | | 5. 8 Carrefour’s Competitive Advantages Carrefour is retail facilities carrying comprehensive products ranges, including full lines of groceries and general merchandise, and in massive spaces. Carrefour is utilizing price slashing and low price strategy in the market all year round to attract shoppers, using the economic of scale to bargain with its suppliers to offer lower prices than competitors. Carrefour offers a wide range of food and non-food items are pulling Asian families into the stores, as fresh food and cooked ready-to-eat food are the main attraction.

    Carrefour is conveniently located in city centers or shopping malls close to residential communities and also offer free shuttle services. Carrefour can give a total new and unique shopping experience to its customers, as restaurants, cinemas, department stores, and coffee shops are often located on the premises of Carrefour, allowing customers to plan other leisure activities around shopping. 5. 9 Industrial Key Success Factors Carrefour formula for success is to bring freshness, varieties at low prices. The operational models requires high volume purchasing of supplies that contribute to Carrefour high bargaining power to achieve low costs and thus delivering low prices to the consumers.

    The following are the key factors of Carrefour success in the industry • One-stop shopping • Low prices • Self-service • Quality products • Freshness • Free parking 5. 9. 1 Evaluation & Justification over advantages and success factors The competitive advantages over technology like the distribution system of Carrefour could no longer sustainable over the period of times. The other competitors could imitate our strategy and innovative products in the matter of times. The continuous development and improvement over the core value of achievement like customer service and quality goods could become differentiated itself from others competitors.

    Due to its hypermarket concept, Carrefour has an extensive range of “localized” products which local customers can enjoy great convenience of one stop shopping for various products at low price. With better strategic management and focusing on the customer necessities and products would make Carrefour more resistant towards vitalities and even achieve strong Brand awareness. The good locations of Carrefour further enhance the convenience for the customers, it increases market share. Due to hectic lifestyle of Asians, convenience is an important factor or consideration for the customers, as they do not want to spend long time on the transport to somewhere remote for just some items. Carrefour attracts shoppers into the store with its low price strategy than its competitors.

    Due to the current economic crisis, most consumers are more price-conscious, they will for the best bargain. 6. Implementation 6. 1 Key Schedules Task and Resources Allocation (Insert pdf) 6. 2 Financial budget (Insert pdf) 3. Contingency Plans 1. Asian Currencies In view of Carrefour expansion plans in Asia and the volatility in the Asian currencies, the Group operations throughout the world are performed by subsidiaries that primarily operate in their own countries (with purchasing and sales in local currencies). As a result, the Group’s exposure to exchange-rate risk in commercial operations is naturally limited, and mainly involves imports.

    However, risk related to fixed import transactions is hedged via forward currency purchases. Investments planned in foreign countries are sometimes hedged by options. Local financing operations are generally conducted in the local currency. The maturity of foreign-exchange transactions is less than 18months. 6. 3. 2 Human Resource Management in Asia It is important for Carrefour to understand the legal framework such as labour law, employee welfare and potential issues in the human resource management as they expand in Asia. Defined-contribution schemes are systems whereby the company makes periodic fixed contributions to external benefit agencies that provide administrative and financial management.

    These schemes free the employer from any further obligation, with the agency taking responsibility for paying employees the amounts owed them (basic Social Security pension schemes, complementary pension schemes and pension funds with fixed contributions). 3. Risk Management in Asia The monitoring and control of decentralized risk exposure depends on local managers in the Asia countries, who are as close as possible to the risks involved in the activities they perform or supervise. The process of drawing up a strategic plan offers a chance to take stock of the principal risks and outside opportunities. Monthly performance reviews contribute to detection of risk’s appearance and occurrence. In their role as guarantors and promoters of progress, support services may identify risks and suggest action plans to line managers with a view to controlling them. 4.

    Crisis Management in Asia Given its businesses, size, diversity and presence in emerging markets, the Carrefour Group is exposed to a whole range of potential crises. The Institutional Relations and Special Projects department defined and provided all business units with crisis management standards (“Minimum ticket”) that permit units to implement procedures adapted to their situation. Several of the subsidiaries’ management committees were trained in crisis management and communications. Some of them tested crisis-management systems during crisis simulations as well. A system of feedback on known incidents was also implemented. 7. Controlling 7. Planning Assumption Since the recent economic crisis, Carrefour will continue to increase its market share by ___%. More people will dine in at home and stock up their household groceries and necessities and purchase from lower cost hyper marts. Carrefour will continue to open more worldwide outlets. The implement plans and budget has been done basing on the Asia context. If Carrefour’s products are successfully being implemented and accepted by the Asian, Carrefour will be able to launch more of its products and outlets in more Asian countries. Carrefour has been focus in their logistics, to eliminate uncertainty and complexity. 7. 2 Controlling |Strategic Objectives |Strategic Control | |Client Orientation Culture |increase knowledge of customer, to serve |Internal and External response survey or | | |them better |marketing analysis | | |improving its branding image | | | | | | |Financial Planning and Higher Profit Margin|To reflect the admin and general cost |Income statement, cash flow statement, net | | |variable |margin statement | | |minimize expense | | | |focusing to those low sales performance | | | |outlet | | |To increase yearly sales | | |Learning and Growth |Gain competitors analysis and advantages |Market response and industry demand | | |improvement training and customer oriented |analysis | | |service provider |Periodic employee survey | | |Organization involvement |Internal auditing and feedback report | |Inter Department Evaluation |Marketing |Directly and indirectly market survey | | |Dealer & Distributor profitability |Market response and industry analysis | | |Innovation products and services |report | | |Expansion of outlets in global market |Profitability and yield index | | |Supply, Logistics, Operation |Dealer/Distributors acceptance rate of new | | |Reducing deliver/ shipping cost |programs | | |Systematize and effective organization | | | |Inventory management | | 8 Conclusions 8. 1 Future Carrefour Carrefour can use the market research information to build a marketing strategy. The whole organization will have to work together to ensure that objectives are achieved. Once the marketing strategy is ready, plans can be implemented. Tightly controlled marketing budget plays a part in making the strategy successful. 8. 2 Recommendations • Delivery services within 12 hours To provide deliver services to customers purchasing more than a certain amount of items • Online purchasing services To provide convenience for customers so that they do not need to travel out to buy • Carrefour Wet Market concept o create a contemporary wet market to provide fresh/live seafood • Free Bus Shutter Services To provide movement to and fro from inaccessible areas • In-house Facilitators To ensure efficiency and avoid long waiting time at the cashiers Probably implement queue-numbering systems Facilitators can also help to guide customers to get the items that they are looking for References 1. http://www. media. asia/Newsarticle/2009_08/Leo-Burnett-to-handle-Carrefour-in-four-Asian-markets/36725# 2. http://www. carrefour. com/ 3. Carrerfour 2008 Annual Report 4. Carrefour 2008 Financial Report 5. 30th June 2009 – Presentation to Analysts, Carrefour Implementation of its transformation plan

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